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The problems of companies working collaboratively

Loss of productivity up to 30%

Collaborating with teams and partners is a particularly time-consuming and costly operation. Often information is exchanged by e-mail, but it takes you time to process, sort and archive it. More and more companies are using cloud platforms and web portals. Unfortunately these are not integrated with their own tools and they continue to manually manage the information. They are facing with an explosion of tools to use and they have to manage several versions of the same information in several places.

Security, IP and liability risks

In addition, they lose control over their data, which leads to risky decision-making and which entails risks in terms of data liability or data security.

Cooperlink allows different partners working together to automate their data exchanges and facilitate their collaboration from their own tools, securely

Common Digital Network

Enjoy the new generation of communication network dedicated for B2B partnerships

Powerful & secured

Through smart automation, integration and encryption


As simple as the e-mail to use and set up, but much more efficient, structured and secure

360° benefits

Designed to provide benefits to every partner and capture value from their interactions

Also with business-oriented web apps to meet the tightest needs & concerns

A single source of truth for 360° universal collaboration & data automation

Join the network

Connect your common projects on Cooperlink to automate the exchange of your information between your tools and your partners.

Boost your tools

Cooperlink stores data in your tools to reduce your efforts and optimize your value creation

Keep your autonomy

Cooperlink preserves the autonomy and the security of every partner (tools, processes, documentary structures, …)

Enjoy your collaboration

Cooperlink provides features and processes that fit the tightest business needs and concerns


How does it work?

Watch the demo to discover how Cooperlink easily allows different partners working together on a common project very efficiently and securely.

Cooperlink is quickly integrated with your tool and you start enjoying the power of integration. All outgoing information is automatically fetched from your own tools. And ingoing information is automatically stored in your own tools.

Simpler than that, it is not possible!

Application examples

Tell us who you are, and we will tell what Cooperlink can do for you

B2B partnerships automation

Automate projects and content exchanges between your tools and those of your business partners

Digital workplace for B2B collaboration

Boost your current tools and simplify your B2B projects with our Partners Relationship Management (PRM) solution.

Digital Post Service

Deliver and collect content between your software and those of your customers’ partners.

One-stop-shop API

Integrate several applications to your software through a unique API to reduce your implementation time

Unified Workplace

Connect the many tools of the company and gather them within a powerful application.

Extranet service

Expand your software with powerful extranet features


Make use of the power of Cooperlink to connect several companies together in a second.

One-stop-shop API

Integrate several applications to your software through a unique API to reduce your implementation time

PRM solution

Partners Relationship Management, the complement to CRM, ERP and PM solutions.

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