Don't care about which software your partners use. Cooperlink brings your data in a central place for a better way of working.

When collaborating with partners, make your corporate tools your genuine single source of truth

Streamline administration of your construction projects

In your BIM or regular construction projects, you never work alone! Cooperlink keeps a history of decision-making. It helps your team make fewer mistakes in repetitive processes. It automates the creation of deliverables. You save time and money at the end of the project.

  • Easily classify the documents exchanged to find them now or later
  • Automate creation of technical sheets to save time
  • Leverage approval workflows. Important decisions are no longer lost
  • Create as-built files. Gathering all documents has never been easier

Always benefit from up-to-date information in every tool

Stop wasting time uploading or collecting non-conformities, plans, technical sheets and other information in third-party platforms. Cooperlink connects specialized tools and those of your partners to let them talk to each other when it is necessary.

  • Work without changing your habits
  • Create data workflows using our standard connectors
  • Encode the data once, reuse it everywhere.
  • Avoid the costs of errors, lack of information or omissions

Simplify archiving. Keep control on your data.

Everyone always thinks they'll do archive the data later. But when one project ends, the second begins. When you'll need the data, in the event of a defect on a structure or during a conflict, it is often too late.

Cooperlink allows you and your partners to keep a copy of your data safe in real time or in batch at the end of the project.

  • Save all the documents exchanged during a project in your tools
  • As a guest partner, also keep an independent copy of the data
  • On your server or on our sovereign cloud. It's up to you
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