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The construction platform you use before to avoid problems afterwards is Cooperlink. Protect your business against the risk of information losses and liability issues.

By ensuring control over your data in your own environment and a perfect organization of information and validation procedures, you offer your company an indisputable and secure environment.


When you try to recover data, you realize that it is already too late

A construction project involves a large mass of documents, versions, decisions and comments. At any time in the project, it is necessary to be able to have a view on the past in order to better manage the future. But when this history is lacking, the whole organization is weakened.

  • Information in various tools may be lost or deleted by mistake
  • If a cloud platform is made available by a third party, having access withdrawn can be a threat to defend its interests
  • An entrepreneur or an expert may be required to engage his responsibility on the basis of incomplete information
  • The lack of a clear view on the decisions to be made entails a risk of delaying the project and having to pay penalties

Cooperlink secures your data in the safest place, ie. in your tools

Data exchanges are recorded for immutable historical purposes in your own environment. Important documents are logged through transmittals or validation procedures. Critical information is added as a cover page to guarantee high durability archiving. In the event of a claim, you can build a stone-wall defence!


You record and archive project data for as long as it takes

  • Comments, decisions, delays, ... everything is recorded
  • Documents and versions are quickly accessible using filters
  • Data cannot be deleted to maintain a source of evidence
  • The most critical decisions are saved in a PDF file for archiving over several years

You keep control over your data and you protect your interests

  • Each partner has its own database and its own tools
  • Your tools become your sole source of truth
  • Even in the event of a dispute, you have your own copy of the project history
  • You are protected against any attempt to withdraw access

Case study

Discover the Archipelago Architects case study

As a specialist in important works such as hospitals, Archipelago Architects sees a growing need to share, centralize and track information to meet more complex standards, increasing volumes of information, and tight deadlines and budgets.

Access the case study
Architect / Coordinator

Eric Cooremans
BIM Manager | Partner
Archipelago Architects

In addition to allowing file sharing, the Cooperlink hub offers a real collaborative dynamic integrated in the context of the project.

We exchange data in real time with our partners in a qualitative way from our tools and without going through repetitive manual downloads.

In addition, we remain the owner of our data at all times, as well as our partners if they wish. This represents a real gain in time and efficiency.

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