Easily create deliverables and an as-built file

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Throughout the project, effortlessly classify, prepare and validate plans, technical sheets and other important documents to constitute an as-built file in 1 click once the project is completed.

If before, it was necessary to solicit and remind several times the various stakeholders to obtain the latest up-to-date versions, it is now possible to obtain the as-built file in due form in record time.


Building deliverables requires a lot of effort to collect the right information

The constitution of an as-built file is a contractual or legal obligation. But frequently this file is neglected and incomplete. In the absence of a structured approach, project coordinators have to work several months to:

  • Collect decision-making and signatures in multiple tools, which generates significant encoding time and risks of errors
  • Manually prepare a header page on thousands of documents to archive comments and decisions in a durable way
  • At the end of the project, solicit stakeholders who did not respond

Cooperlink helps you to build deliverables in real-time

Cooperlink gives your customers a qualitative image of your company. You manage to prepare the as-built file from the start of the project effortlessly. After an extraordinary experience, they will come back to work with you for the next project!


You accelerate and improve the quality of your deliverables

  • Their preparation is carried out from the start of the project
  • They are generated on demand in 1 click
  • Our expertise and lean approach guarantee to your projects a high level of quality

You make fewer mistakes in repetitive processes

  • Automated approval circuits ensure permanent monitoring of the process
  • Header pages and other personalized reports are generated on the fly with the most recent information and without human intervention
  • Procedures are standardized for all of your teams while remaining flexible to meet project needs

Case study

Discover the BPC case study

The site management team as well as the stakeholders (client, design offices, architect, etc.) met in order to reflect together on a new, more efficient way of working.

Access the case study
General contractor

Tristan Herrezeel
Project Engineer

We were about ten people to encode files for the Citydox project. It was common to encode the same data in six different places, resulting in data entry errors. We were also working under tight deadlines.

Now, my colleagues only encode the data only once! Cooperlink also makes it possible to keep an eye on and meet deadlines. It also facilitates fine supervision for both BPC and the customer.

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