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Notre invité, Tristan Herrezeel de la société BPC, va nous expliquer comme il a tiré parti de ses outils existants pour une meilleure efficacité sur chantier.

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Emails management

How do you go from an administrative headache to an asset for a resilient business?


Email exchanges have definitely transformed construction. From now on, everything goes faster. But you still have to deal with the amount of information you receive and send!

The project of a new building can stretch over many years and with countless twists and turns. And when finally, the construction site is launched, there are multiple decisions to be made, approvals to be obtained, remarks from other partners to be integrated which all the actors of the project must face.

Who has never spent painful minutes trying to find an essential email in order to prove that he had reacted at the right time or given all the information to one of his partners? Not to mention the elements to be gathered several years after the end of a construction site, when it comes to a request within the framework of a ten-year warranty.

How to find emails exchanged with company employees when they have left the company?

How can team leaders can keep track of incoming requests that they have redistributed internally or to partners in a momentary association? Email management is more than just an individual issue for each employee. It's about each company having control over the commitment of its responsibility through the writings of each of its members.

The architecture firm Archipelago chose Cooperlink to ensure the sustainability of its organization by managing the emails of its employees.


César Muyle
Executive Partner | Architect
Archipelago Architects

Our projects, by their size and level of complexity, mobilize large teams of many internal and external partners.

The amount of data, especially the number of emails exchanged, is significant: ensuring the coordination and traceability of exchanges can be a complex task. So we turned to Cooperlink to facilitate this day-to-day management.

For example, when we receive change requests, our employees can save them to Cooperlink, add metadata, and keep track of tasks within teams.

This way, our project managers have an overview of their current files as Cooperlink brings together correspondence, exchanged documents and the follow-up of daily tasks within a single platform.

Key figures

Number of emails encoded in 6 months and centralized in one place.
The number of times an email must be classified regardless of the number of recipients
6 months
For a complete implementation: from team training, to usage control and adoption by all.


Cooperlink proposes to each member of the same organization to centralize its emails for :

  • Mutualize the recurrent actions related to the classification of emails
  • Assign tasks to a colleague and follow up on them
  • Enriching email data
  • To have in one place its correspondences and to do's
  • Automate certain repetitive actions, such as saving email attachments on your server
  • Archive correspondence and ensure easy access to information through metadata

There is also an Outlook plugin to not change the habits of teams, accustomed to this email solution.

With the digitalization of processes in the construction sector and the ever-increasing amount of information to be processed, Archipelago has identified the need to centralize information and share it internally. With Cooperlink, Archipelago has found a solution that meets these needs.


There are several reasons why organizations should work with the Cooperlink solution:

  • The managers find a real help in monitoring the projects, having an overview of the exchanges on the files in progress. This allows them to follow the progress of the files as closely as possible
  • Cooperlink contributes to the quality management system as part of ISO certifications.
  • Beyond the help with the daily management of emails, employees find a complete platform that aggregates emails, tasks, exchanges of documents between partners, approval statuses, etc.
  • Cooperlink also contributes to risk prevention. The platform facilitates the collection and retrieval of information to keep the situation under control.

Key features

Tag emails in the project space
Emails are shared in 1 click with your internal project team members.
Quickly look for emails and history
Advanced filters allow you to quickly find an email among hundreds.
Save emails into your Sharepoint
The emails and attachments are copied to your document management system (DMS).
Coordinate and follow-up tasks
Emails can be associated with tasks that facilitate team follow-up and coordination.
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