Work together like at the office

Collaborate in
joint ventures

Communiquer avec ses partenaires

No longer worry about the cloud tools and working procedures every partner is willing to implement.

With Cooperlink, both partners of the joint-venture can continue working in their own environment.


Collaboration in a joint venture creates additional administrative burden

A construction project requires a large number of stakeholders, often including joint ventures, each of which has its own tools, methodologies and security policies. In the absence of a strong alignment between these stakeholders, we observe:

  • Cumbersome and tedious project coordination in the absence of a common collaborative tool
  • Costly change management and waste of time related to learning the tools and methods specific to this association.
  • Security risks (eg a server installed on site without physical protection)

Cooperlink is your common environment for project admin

Cooperlink allows you to work better together without changing your habits by connecting the different companies and their tools on a common data network. Tomorrow, you will no longer wonder which common platform to use: everyone's tool, of course!


You work in association as if you were just one company

  • The documentary structure meets the common needs
  • The information is classified in the tools of each company
  • You are always working on the latest version of a document
  • Emails are easily accessible to members of the association

You and your partners benefit from the same advantages

  • A common collaborative platform for the project
  • Everyone's tool is their own unique source of truth
  • The autonomy and security policy of each one is preserved
  • Other partners, architects, experts and subcontractors can also be invited with appropriate rights to a free version of the application

Case study

Discover the Van Laere case study

A team of 80 people divided between 2 companies is in charge of the realization of the Openminds ZIN project. The site server is an unsecure option. The challenge was to allow these employees to continue working without upsetting their habits.


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