All-in-one Construction Hub

Gather your team & partners around common data but with the tools of each

Manage your projects from one place
Avoid lock-in. Archive data in your tools
Create great As-Built files in one click

Since 2017, our software has helped 1000+ construction players

and more...

Manage your construction projects with your partners in a fluid and consistent environment

Cooperlink Construction Hub is the coordination center between contractors, architects, engineers & owners, directly linked to their information sources, that helps you to centralize the construction data and, at the end, to deliver fit-for-purpose as-built file.

Cooperlink supports

Record the data only once and you'll leverage it everywhere

Cooperlink embeds all the software, built-in automation and connectors to

  • centralize the lifecycle of the building,
  • streamline the administration of your work,
  • reduce the friction when working with partners,
  • archive the data in your tools.

Collaborate with your partners from a single tool

Cooperlink is a OPEN HUB FOR CONSTRUCTION with all the software, connectors & built-in automation to fluidify communication, efficienctly manage processes and collaborate with partners without friction. The magic starts from the start with the data you re-use everywhere.

Integrations purpose
Most popular features
  • Link Sharepoint to CDEs1
  • Retrieve document status in Aconex
  • Submit documents to site app
  • Create a secure B2B network


Streamline the multiplicity of tools and CDEs1. Automate your tools & those of your partners together.

(1) Common Data Environment
Most popular features
  • Record documents in Sharepoint
  • Classify emails only 1x for everyone
  • Save documents in clients' tools
  • Archive data from ProjectWise


Secure & centralize the data. Record documents, emails & metadata effortless in a sustainable way.

All-in-one Business applications
Most popular features
  • Encode data only 1x
  • Automatic custom covers & reports
  • Generate custom as-built in 1 click
  • Enrich BIM model with site data


Work 7x faster. Automate technical sheets, construction assets and BIM to deliver an as-built in 1 click.

Most popular features
  • Classify documents in milliseconds
  • Send & trace price requests
  • Approve documents with clarity
  • Assign tasks to colleagues & partners


Stop repetitive up/downloads. Easily coordinate partners, classify, share & approve documents in a snap.

Collaborate with your partners from a single tool

Avoid mistakes and re-encoding. Connect your tools and partners.

Most popular features
  • Push documents from Sharepoint DMS to Bricsys CDE
  • Submit approved documents on site app Letsbuild
  • Send document to Aconex CDE for approval and retrieve status


Connect your tools and those of your partners together. Bring the data where you or partners need it most.

Most popular features
  • Automatically generate covers & reports of technical sheets
  • Generate as-built with custom parameters in one click
  • Link site data to the BIM for handing over to operations


Manage construction assets and deliver as-built

Most popular features
  • Archive data from ProjectWise to Sharepoint
  • Reasily record users emails only 1x in a project storage
  • Make a copy of documents from contractor to developer's tools


Record documents, emails & data in a sustainable way

Most popular features
  • Classify documents and share them in a few milliseconds
  • Approval workflows, submittals and transmittals
  • Assign tasks and coordinate colleagues and partners


Streamline management of tasks, documents, plans and technical sheets.

They share their experience

Together, we create a community of companies that want to build efficiently

Highly secure & proven on medium to large-scale projects

  • Cooperlink delivers the right information, in the right tools it connects
  • Its network architecture guarantees you end-to-end secured communications
  • You always have the garantee to work with the latest data.
efficient builders
use regulary Cooperlink
messages exchanged
in the network
sovereign cloud or
built on privacy-by-default and by-design

Discover the 3 most popular use cases per construction phase

Who can do less can do more. Find out how users use the power of Cooperlink hub most frequently. The opportunities are immense. All it takes is a little inspiration!

01. Design
Emails archiving only once for all users mailboxes
Documents sharing with engineers & architect
Task coordination and minutes of meeting
and more...
02. Tender
Price requests with files from Sharepoint
Recipient notification via own corporate email
Traceability when subcontractor opens files
and more...
03. Prepare
Adaptative cover on datasheets during review
Approval workflows with markups and signature
Lifecycle management of construction assets
and more...
04. BIM
Model files sync between architect and engineers
Dynamic links between datasheets and objects
Issue tracking on objects & records in BCF server
and more...
05. Execute
Site meetings with up-to-date list of approvals
Documents, plans & tasks reviews from mobile app
Tools synchronization of builders working together
and more...
06. Handover
Submission of approved documents to field app
Creation of as-built files with custom parameters
Handover of documents & database in client's tool
and more...


Collaborate better by facilitating the exchange of documents and the participation of your partners.


Be more organized with the automated filing of your emails and documents.


Transform your daily work environment into YOUR single source of truth.

Support and learning

We attach the greatest importance to support and its responsiveness. The proximity of our Customer Success team allows you to be accompanied step by step for the configuration, as well as throughout your project. Cooperlink offers in-depth guides on the product features for better productivity and efficiency

  • You are trained by a Customer Success expert
  • Our team is available via instant messages within 5 minutes
  • Our team based in Europe accompanies you to meet your needs
  • Our network of independent experts offer document control services
Efficient builders use Cooperlink

Find out how general contractors, architects, coordinators and real estate developers have managed to increase their efficiency in a short time.

Companies using Cooperlink

Un gain de temps important dans la gestion des dossiers d'ouvrages exécutés (DOE)

  • Partage de documents sans effort à partir de vos outils
  • Centralisation des informations
  • Plus de double encodage
  • Génération automatique du dossier d'exécution et de l'as-built
  • Accessible partout, à tout moment
  • Meilleure maîtrise des délais

" Nous étions une dizaine de personnes à encoder des fiches pour le projet Citydox. Il était fréquent d’encoder la même donnée à six endroits différents, entrainant des erreurs de saisie. Nous travaillions de plus dans des délais tendus.

Mes collègues n'encodent plus les données qu'une seule fois ! Cooperlink permet aussi de tenir les délais à l'oeil et de les respecter. Elle facilite aussi une supervision fine aussi bien pour BPC que pour le client.

Tristan Herrezeel
Project Manager

Read the case study Workflow & As-built
General contractor
200 employees
Joint Venture

Chaque collaborateur continue à travailler à partir de ses propres outils

  • Environnement commun virtuel entre les entreprises
  • Gestion du changement facilitée
  • Plateforme web disponible pour les autres partenaires du projet
  • Mise en oeuvre en quelques minutes
  • Connexion sécurisée de bout-en-bout

" Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat.

Wim Peeters
Innovation Manager

Read the case study Joint Ventures
General contractor
120 employees
Architect / Coordinator

En permanence au courant de l'état d'avancement du projet

  • Supervision de la communication entre les partenaires et de l'avancement du projet
  • Espaces de travail dédiés avec le maître d'ouvrage
  • Centralisation de vos différents projets
  • Accessible partout, à tout moment

" In addition to allowing filesharing, the Cooperlink hub offers a real collaborative momentum integrated into the context of the project.

We exchange data in real time with our partners in a qualitative manner from our tools and without going through manual repetitive uploads.

In addition, we remain the owner of our data at all times, as well as our partners if they wish.

This represents a real gain in time and efficiency.

Erik Cooremans
BIM Manager

Read the case study Project Coordination
120 employees
Design office

Une plateforme universelle pour une meilleure exploitation du digital

  • Les outils de vos partenaires reliés aux vôtres
  • Utilisation de l'intelligence collective pour plus d'efficacité
  • Supervision des demandes d'approbation
  • Gestion unifiée des demandes de changement

" Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat.

Tristan Herrezeel
Project Manager

Read the case study Collaborative Email
Engineers in stability, MEP, and environment
100 engineers

La garantie d'un projet documenté en temps réel

  • Accès centralisé à la documentation projet
  • Mises à jour en temps réel dans vos outils
  • Communication entre partenaires efficace et transparente

" Pour s’assurer que les délais soient respectés, la coordination de projet doit être parfaitement réglée car les surprises ne manqueront pas en cours de conception et d’exécution.

Cooperlink a beaucoup amélioré notre manière d'accéder aux informations que les partenaires nous envoient. Avant c'était une réelle perte de temps de se connecter sur les plateformes cloud. On a gagné en qualité d'échange ce qui nous aide à mieux superviser le projet et à sécuriser les délais.

Raphaël Leduc
Technical Director

Read the case study Document Management
Real estate promoter
200 employees

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