Eliminate repetitive tasks & streamline decision-making processes during design & execution phases

Tenders, transmittals, approvals, deliverables and as-built file

Approvals - Submittals

Centralize your decision-making process

Through a user-friendly web interface, and the centralization of data within your tools, Cooperlink allows you to formalize your decision-making processes and set them in stone.

  • The decision-making process is central and transparent
  • Decisions are stored immutable
  • Your interests are protected in the event of a claim

User-friendly interface

A easy-to-use interface fit for your employees and partners

Cover sheet / Comment sheet

The first page is generated with all the relevant information and signatures.

Supervision & reporting

Reporting tools allow efficient monitoring during your site meetings.

Design your workflow

Approval circuits are tailor-made for the needs of your projects


Automate the creation of your as-built file in 1 click

During, or at the end of the project, collect your plans, your technical sheets, and their annexes in a structured form adapted to the customer's request.

  • Creation of a structured file including plans, technical sheets and other documents with their approval status
  • Custom Excel listings and cover pages are generated to ensure long-term archiving

Case study

Discover the BPC case

The site management team as well as the stakeholders (client, design offices, architect, etc.) met in order to reflect together on a new, more efficient way of working.

Access the case study

Transmittals / DELIVERABLES

Create deliverables without duplicating documents and record shipment

Easily publish versions of documents to your customers and partners from your tools. Cooperlink informs and gives access to your partners.

  • Notify your partners with transmission receipt
  • Get notified when documents are viewed or downloaded
  • Publish documents in accordance with ISO19650
  • Keep track and organize your transmittals and deliverables
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