Vivalia 2025 Hospital
Design phase

Project coordination


The complexity of projects is increasing (eg standards and constraints, volume of information, tight deadlines and budgets, ...). The challenges that Archipelago encounters are to share, centralize and track information.

Fundamentally there is a real need to align all stakeholders around a shared purpose, common objectives and controlled processes.

Archipelago is responsible for the design and coordination of the new Vivalia 2025 hospital. This project is spread over a period of 7 years. Given the number of stakeholders and their specific needs, the segmentation of access to information was decisive from the start.

The Vivalia project consists of the construction of a 90,000 m2 hospital in Habay (province of Luxembourg, Belgium). It is currently in the study phase and submission of town planning permits. Construction period: 2022-2027. This project is coordinated by the Archipelago architectural firm.

Architect / Coordinator

Eric Cooremans
BIM Manager | Partner
Archipelago Architects

In addition to allowing file sharing, the Cooperlink hub offers a real collaborative dynamic integrated in the context of the project.

We exchange data in real time with our partners in a qualitative way from our tools and without going through repetitive manual downloads.

In addition, we remain the owner of our data at all times, as well as our partners if they wish. This represents a real gain in time and efficiency.

Key figures

The number of manual operations required to archive information internally
Virtual workspaces to segment information among the partners
Partner companies connected on Cooperlink for this project
Documents shared in the project at the permit filing stage


Cooperlink won over Archipelago with its vision of connecting tools with each other: sharing data from their tools unlike other solutions that require manual data uploading on a web platform. This saves a lot of time in the trading process.

  • Effective collaboration between the different partners
  • Both internal and external stakeholders are involved in the project.
  • Flexible and structured management
  • Data is organized in the form of dedicated virtual workspaces in a single project environment, with numerous configuration options to ensure the centralization of information.
  • Standardization of processes, monitoring and traceability
  • Archiving of all versions of a document, decisions taken, validations, tasks to be done, etc.

Key features

File Server integration
Real-time bidirectionnal integration with File Server
Activities inbox
The inbox allows all stakeholders to be informed of exchanges in real time
The dashboard gives the coordinator a precise view of the project and the tasks to be done at the different stages of the project
Document management
The exchange of documents via a Common Data Environment (CDE) is the key asset to support the project until reception.
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