Create a multi-partner platform
fit for construction & from your tools

Documents, emails, tasks, sharing & collaboration

Workspace & Documents

Eliminate emails and classification efforts

Create virtualized workspaces directly integrated with your company's tools to ensure that the data is tidy, always up-to-date and that it is communicated to the right collaborators in your company

  • Make your tools your unique source of truth
  • Invite your partners to collaborate in dedicated workspaces
  • Access your information anywhere, anytime
  • Cooperlink ensures the traceability to protect your interests
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Stay informed in real time

The inbox allows you to be informed of all the actions of your partners.

Manage indices and numberings

Organize your data. Cooperlink takes care of the unique versions and numbering.

View and edit your files online

Thanks to the integrated applications, view your BIM models and co-edit your files online.

Easily secure partners access

Easily assign access rights to your partners to secure your data.

Perform advanced search

Filter and sort your data by keywords. Define your own search criteria.

Drop files in bulk

Drop and classify large or bulk files using the upload manager.

Classify your documents in 1 click

The metadata extraction tool allows you to easily organize your information.

Tasks / Notes / Reporting

The coordination of your multi-partner projects at your fingertips

The main challenges of a construction project are to ensure a structured documentation, to meet deadlines, to control costs and to manage quality. Thanks to Cooperlink's coordination tools and virtual workspaces, you have a precise overview of the progress of your project.

  • Coordinate and centralize the exchange of information
  • Determine a delivery plan
  • Set deadlines, assign tasks and schedule work orders
  • Keep an eye on your project


We help you sort and archive the emails sent by the last few reluctants

It is impossible to convince everyone. We understood that. This is why Cooperlink provides you with the means to re-centralize and organize the information that is still communicated to you by email thanks to collective intelligence.

  • Record the emails of your projects from your mailbox
  • You'll benefit from emails already recorded by colleagues.
  • Easily track your emails and related action points
  • Record plans, minutes and technical sheets in 1 click directly in your document management tools.

Case study

Discover the Archipelago Architects case

As a specialist in important works such as hospitals, Archipelago Architects sees a growing need to share, centralize and track information to meet more complex standards, increasing volumes of information, and tight deadlines and budgets.

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Hub / Network

Create your own network of partners with whom you collaborate

By adhering to Cooperlink's vision, you are considering an open and collaborative ecosystem. Your partners can choose to join your network via the free web application or by integrating their own tools.

  • The concept of Common Data Network connects independent companies together
  • Your guest partners have access to a free web application
  • Partners connected to the Cooperlink network benefit from the same advantages as you and are directly accessible
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