Avoid errors and
re-encoding in several tools

Communiquer avec ses partenaires

Contribute to a construction project with minimal effort and risk of error through a collective approach and an integrated platform.

Whether received from your partners or in other tools, you will only encode information once, if ever!


The exchange of information through traditional channels is a source of errors and repetition

As a contractor, architect, expert or client, sooner or later you will have to contribute or handle project data. But, whether information is exchanged by email or through cloud platforms, the reality is often chaotic:

  • The information differs between the tools at the office and the tools on site. Which one is the right one?
  • Due to lack of time and thoroughness, only part of the documents are clearly organized. The others lies in emails.
  • The coordinator must manually gather comments and requests from stakeholders in endless excel reports
  • The header of technical sheets does not contain all remarks and signatures from contributors.

Cooperlink allows you to re-use existing information

Cooperlink puts you first in quality by helping you re-use existing information through a fully digital network of information sharing and smoother communication of that data. With Cooperlink, manual operations are reduced to a minimum. Your employees may quickly become addicted to it!


You benefit from a community of contributors

  • The documents submitted by your partners are automatically classified and immediately available for work.
  • Emails are handled collectively by the project stakeholders
  • Everyone's contribution is used in personalized Excel reports or headers that will make an impression on customers

The uniqueness and accuracy of your information is ensured anywhere, anytime

  • The documents and emails received are saved directly in your tools (Sharepoint, File Server, Let’s Build, ...)
  • The data is the same and up to date in all of your tools
  • Documents can be edited online
  • Your partners have access to the latest versions of documents and their history

Case study

Discover the BPC case study

The site management team as well as the stakeholders (client, design offices, architect, etc.) met in order to reflect together on a new, more efficient way of working.

Access the case study
General contractor

Tristan Herrezeel
Project Engineer

We were about ten people to encode files for the Citydox project. It was common to encode the same data in six different places, resulting in data entry errors. We were also working under tight deadlines.

Now, my colleagues only encode the data only once! Cooperlink also makes it possible to keep an eye on and meet deadlines. It also facilitates fine supervision for both BPC and the customer.

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