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Communicate with partners in one tool

Communiquer avec ses partenaires

Stop wasting time looking for plans, technical sheets, transmittals or working through outdated working documents.

Exchange the data of your projects thanks to a single platform accessible from everywhere and which has the particularity of keeping the data in your internal tools or site applications.


Working with different tools per project is a real waste of time

Usually, information on a construction project is exchanged via many different channels (emails, wetransfer, cloud platforms, etc.). Inappropriate data management often results in:

  • Intense coordination efforts to centralize and share information
  • A waste of time and resources to upload, download documents and work in multiple third-party platforms
  • A mission made more difficult for the partner because he does not have access to all the information

Cooperlink is your digital assistant

It helps you streamline your communication with your partners through optimal management of your correspondence, integrated into your tools. Your partners will no longer collaborate with you by chance!


Your current tools become the genuine source of truth and collaboration

  • Information is centralized in your tools
  • You keep control and property over your data
  • You have a real-time view of the contributions
  • Your partners who wish can connect their own tools to benefit from the same advantages as you.

You reveal the true potential of your partnerships

  • Structure meets the common needs of the contributors
  • Access rights protect your information
  • Information is automatically filled in the appropriate folder
  • You are always working on the latest version of a document
  • Emails are easily accessible to project contributors

Case study

Discover the Immobel case study

For immobel, several elements were decisive in the choice of Cooperlink, such as user friendlyness, autonomy, reliability and responsive support. Now, managers can access information 4x faster than before, directly in their tools. They can always be sure that there are no documents lost in their e-mail boxes.

Access the case study
Real estate developer

Raphaël Leduc
Technical Director

To ensure that deadlines are met, project coordination must be perfectly fine-tuned as there will be no shortage of surprises during design and execution.

Cooperlink has greatly improved the way we access the information partners send us. Before, it was a real waste of time to connect to cloud platforms. We have gained in the quality of exchanges which helps us to better supervise the project and to secure the deadlines.

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