Simplify the administrative preparation of your work. Facilitate access to the BIM model for your teams on site.

Harness the richness of your data sources and the power of your current tools.

Link site data to BIM

Enrich your BIM model directly from site data effortless

Your site teams do not use authoring tools such as Revit or Archicad. Thanks to Cooperlink, give them the means to exploit the benefits of BIM and collectively contribute to it by setting up a centralized site data hub directly connected to the objects of the model

  • Create a collaborative environment linked to BIM
  • Enrich your BIM model with site data automatically
  • Manage the life cycle of your assets in the construction phase

BIM Enrichment

Automatically link approved technical documentation to the model

BIM Collaboration

Communicate more easily with your teams and partners through the model

Assets Lifecyle Management

Keep an eye on the critical path of your construction works

Requests for information

Keep an eye on your price requests and requests for information (RFx)

During the preparation of the project, you consult subcontractors for the execution of the work. But the follow-up of price requests or requests for information is a time-consuming task given the large number of companies you contact.

Cooperlink makes RFI/RFQ processes easy for you.

  • Use documents' versions directly from Sharepoint or Fileserver
  • Send your requests for your own mailbox for better deliverability
  • Be informed when the recipient opens the documents
  • Give the recipient the opportunity to express their interest

Case study

Discover the Archipelago Architects case

As a specialist in important works such as hospitals, Archipelago Architects sees a growing need to share, centralize and track information to meet more complex standards, increasing volumes of information, and tight deadlines and budgets.

Access the case study

Hub / Network

Create your own network of partners with whom you collaborate

By adhering to Cooperlink's vision, you are considering an open and collaborative ecosystem. Your partners can choose to join your network via the free web application or by integrating their own tools.

  • The concept of Common Data Network connects independent companies together
  • Your guest partners have access to a free web application
  • Partners connected to the Cooperlink network benefit from the same advantages as you and are directly accessible
Lean more about EMPOWER

Tasks / Notes / Reporting

The coordination of your multi-partner projects at your fingertips

The main challenges of a construction project are to ensure a structured documentation, to meet deadlines, to control costs and to manage quality. Thanks to Cooperlink's coordination tools and virtual workspaces, you have a precise overview of the progress of your project.

  • Coordinate and centralize the exchange of information
  • Write interactive reports with mentions and tasks
  • Set deadlines and schedule work orders
  • Keep an eye on your project via your calendar and reports
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