Get your Design&Build partners on board to create actionable data

Common Data Network - An open and partner-driven ecosystem


At first connection, your partners have access to a powerful and free web app

When you invite your partners to join you on Cooperlink, they access it as standard through a free web application. It is no longer necessary for them to check their emails to find the information you have sent them. All your information is centralized and reporting tools are made available to them.

  • You offer 5-star service to your customers and partners
  • Your information is easily accessible and structured.
  • Your partners benefit from business-oriented features to better collaborate and make well-informed decisions.


Offer your partners to work like at the office during project lifetime

It is no longer necessary to impose a work structure or a cloud platform on your partners. Cooperlink allows them to continue working without changing their habits, also using their own tools.

During the project lifetime, the host company offers its partner the possibility of having full access to Cooperlink. It can integrate his own tools and it gets access to advanced features.

  • End-to-end digital information exchange
  • A uniform way of working without wasting time on technical, financial or operational considerations
  • Data stored in a safe place, ie. in everyone's tools

Work in Joint Venture as one

Each partner joins the Cooperlink network to benefit from the same advantages.

Collaborate seamlessly

Cooperlink ensures and protects the integrity and concurrent access to common data

Preserve your autonomy

Each company can decide on its own security rules and its own documentary structure.

Case study

Discover the Van Laere case

A team of 80 people divided between 2 companies is in charge of the realization of the Openminds ZIN project. The site server is an unsecure option. The challenge was to allow these employees to continue working without upsetting their habits.



As a member of the Cooperlink network, you prevent loss of information and avoid re-encodings

All the data sent by your partners is perfectly stored and reused to avoid unnecessary re-encodings. The documents are automatically classified in your tools, in the right place.

  • Your partners cooperate in the organization of data
  • Data is automatically saved in your tools
  • Exchanges are recorded for traceability purpose
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