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File Server / SMB

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A file server is a central part of any company that allows users to access the resources stored on it. When authorized, users access the server to open, read, modify and delete folders and files

The Server Message Block (SMB) protocol, previously called CIFS, allows the sharing of resources (especially files) on local networks with PCs through Windows Explorer. The SMB protocol is also available on Linux (Samba) and MAC OS.

Compatible products

This third-party system is compatible with the following Cooperlink products:

Boost your file server as a construction platform

Secure the way you exchange information

Thanks to Cooperlink, you avoid the difficult management of external access and sensitive emails that get lost

Convert your file server into a collaborative tool

Add that touch that will turn your silly server into a real thinking box

Get access to your files anywhere, anytime

Whether you are in the office, at home or on site, Cooperlink gives you easy access to your project information just like in the cloud

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