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Coordinate your projects at your fingertips to quickly make decisions based on complete and reliable information.

Cooperlink thus makes it effortless to meet the main challenges of your projects: meeting deadlines, controlling costs and managing the quality of deliverables.


Having access to the right information to make a good decision is time-consuming

An expert, a client or a coordinator is required to make a very large number of decisions during the project: formulate a binding technical opinion, validate the receipt of a deliverable or judge the corrective actions to be taken to meet the deadline and quality.

Decision making process based on incomplete or erroneous information can lead to:

  • Many round trips to complete missing information
  • A significant risk in terms of liability
  • Longer lead times and increased costs

Cooperlink opens your eyes

Cooperlink opens your eyes by helping you access all the information you need to make the most fair decisions possible and on time. You will never miss a thing!


You have access to complete and reliable information

  • Information is always the most recently communicated
  • Any expert comments are transparently accessible
  • A trace of each information is kept for historical purposes

Cooperlink helps organize and sustain decision-making

  • The most important decisions go through approval processes
  • Contributors instantly have a view of the status of decisions
  • Each decision is recorded in a PDF document for archiving

Case study

Discover the Archipelago Architects case study

As a specialist in important works such as hospitals, Archipelago Architects sees a growing need to share, centralize and track information to meet more complex standards, increasing volumes of information, and tight deadlines and budgets.

Access the case study
Architect / Coordinator

Eric Cooremans
BIM Manager | Partner
Archipelago Architects

In addition to allowing file sharing, the Cooperlink hub offers a real collaborative dynamic integrated in the context of the project.

We exchange data in real time with our partners in a qualitative way from our tools and without going through repetitive manual downloads.

In addition, we remain the owner of our data at all times, as well as our partners if they wish. This represents a real gain in time and efficiency.

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