Residential Housing
Design phase

Project coordination


Immobel is carrying out a transformation project in Luxembourg. This complex is in the design phase with the ambition to offer a place with a natural character.

Already at this stage, the participants and the number of files exchanged multiply. As a promoter, Immobel must optimize its project coordination. But the administrative management of such a project is complex: you have to know how to communicate information quickly, intuitively, and to the right recipient. It is also necessary that all data is directly classified and archived with a minimum of effort in order to focus on the essential aspects of the project.

The complex will accommodate offices, houses, lofts and apartments. This new district wants to offer a balance between rural areas and a natural setting in a sustainable approach.

Real estate developer

Raphaël Leduc
Technical Director

To ensure that deadlines are met, project coordination must be perfectly fine-tuned as there will be no shortage of surprises during design and execution.

Cooperlink has greatly improved the way we access the information partners send us. Before, it was a real waste of time to connect to cloud platforms. We have gained in the quality of exchanges which helps us to better supervise the project and to secure the deadlines.

Key figures

Partners who have centralized access to project information
Faster to find the right information directly in his tools
The certainty that there are no important documents lost in email boxes
Documents effortlessly filed in client tools. So many emails less!


Immobel connected Cooperlink to its own tools - namely its file servers and its Microsoft Sharepoint environment - to centralize information exchanges with the entire project team.

The partners have the features to submit, structure, consult and enrich documents in one place. Specific access rights have been applied to protect data and ensure traceability.


Thanks to the features fit to the needs of the construction industry, Cooperlink makes it possible, without effort, to meet the main challenges of the project: structured documentation, respect of deadlines, cost control and quality management.

For Immobel, several factors were decisive in choosing Cooperlink:

  • Ease of use and autonomy
  • Cooperlink allows everyone to configure a tree structure of files corresponding to the one they are familiar with. Evolving in a known environment helps to save time
  • Reliability
  • The processed data is directly archived in internal tools. Files no longer get lost in e-mail exchanges and the customer has full control of their data.
  • Personalized and responsive assistance
  • Cooperlink helps its customers and their partners. The latter have access to a free version of the platform and they are guided in their use. Cooperlink knows its customers and the business personally, which makes the difference.

Key features

Cooperlink is natively integrated with the company's tools for real-time and two-way access
360° collaboration
Guests have free access to the app. In addition, it is accessible in web and desktop format.
Version control
Each version of an exchanged document is traced which allows to have a vision of the history of the project.
Integrated viewers
Some data formats require ad hoc viewers (ie BIM) that can be open using Cooperlink.
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