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An amazing year 2023 : retrospective

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January 7, 2024
What an amazing year 2023 has been for Cooperlink, where we celebrated 5 years of innovation and collaboration! Looking back on this fantastic year.
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🌐 We reached a significant milestone with nearly 1500 active companies on Cooperlink. Your trust and commitment drive us to excel every day: How we achieve a 97% customer satisfaction rate: Support team statistics from Cooperlink.

🌍 Numerous new partnerships in Belgium and France, with contracts and framework agreements with renowned companies such as Eiffage, ImmoBel, Beliris, Equans, GCC, TRBA, Denys, BVI, Dethier, Besix Red, At Osborne, and many others.

🏗️ We are proud to contribute to major projects such as the Oosterweel Connection, the Grand Hospital of Lourdes/Tarbes, the Kanal Museum, the DEME Pavilion, the Gare La Vallée development area in Amiens, Helora hospitals, the Ghent University Hospital, the Rhea Cybersecurity Center, the Pacheco Mint Center, the Mont-Saint-Guibert A4/E411 Interchange, as well as iconic buildings like Muse and Brouck'r.

🚀 Three major updates were rolled out to make Cooperlink even simpler and more powerful, including annotations, document comparison, geolocated observations, automations, new connectors, and a mobile app.

🆕 Our brand new BIM module, in beta version, to enrich models, developed in collaboration with Buildwise and the University of Liège LUCID: a further step to accompany the future of construction!

🗣️ Cooperlink has been featured in various expos, webinars, and in the press: BIM World, Digital Construction Day, MIPIM, LN24, and on the front page of LalibreEco.

📚 Insightful content with the release of our ebook on the management of technical files (Technical documentation and as-built file - Guide for the efficient builder) and captivating video testimonials with construction industry players!

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this incredible journey.

2024, here we come, ready to take on new challenges!

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