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Does your company manage complex projects? You are more than likely using more than a dozen different software to carry out these projects. Imagine for a moment being able to manage all your information simply and in one place even with external partners.


Manage all your data in one place

Thanks to Cooperlink, your employees manage all of their information and exchanges with their partners centrally.

  • Keep focus. Manage the content of your tools in one place
  • Leverage your data sources. Create relationships between information from different tools
  • Save time and simplify your information searches

Application examples

Multi-source document warehouse

PROBLEM. A logistics company is using internally 3 dedicated document management systems. Every system is providing its own web interface and it is cumbersome for the collaborators to manage them at the same time.

SOLUTION. Cooperlink unifies all document management systems into a single web application and allows business users to natively manage and search content from the different sources.

Multi-channel service desk

PROBLEM. A general contractor is looking for an efficient after sales service desk with its own clients and subcontractors. It is using Jira, a ticket desk for external communication. Internally, the after sales service is using Letsbuild/Aproplan for the management of defects. Additionally the general contractor has to provide the as-built map. Data is therefore dissiminated among different tools.

SOLUTION. Cooperlink is providing a multi-channel service desk integrating company’s tools into a single interface.

Unified API

PROBLEM. Last year, a service company mandated an IT integrator to connect two different tools together to avoid double encoding and combersome manual burden. Today, the service company is willing to change one of the two systems. It will have to pay again for a new full integration with the IT integrator.

SOLUTION. Thanks to Cooperlink and its connector-based environment, the IT integrator will provide a software-defined integration environment at much a lower cost.

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