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The BIM Wikipedia is online: are you familiar with it

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November 14, 2023
Everything about BIM in one place

5 good reasons to visit

1- European Compliance: BIMids is your compass in the European regulatory universe of BIM, ensuring your projects adhere to best practices and standards.

2- Process Clarity: It demystifies the BIM data exchange process, offering you a structured method to effectively communicate with all stakeholders.

3- Precise Tracking: BIMids' versioning feature allows you to accurately manage the evolution of your projects, a key asset for controlling timelines and costs.

4- Facilitated Interoperability: With simplified data export, BIMids ensures a smooth transition between different project management phases and tools.

5- Resource Optimization: By promoting optimal use of BIM, the site helps you improve the planning, performance, and economy of your projects.

Did you know that Cooperlink collaborates closely with Buildwise and the University of Liège to make accessing and using BIM on-site as intuitive as possible?

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