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Cooperlink Release July '23 - version 2023.2

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August 31, 2023
Unveiling the July 2023 release of Cooperlink: Prepare for another feature-rich update! Brace yourself for the future of work with our revolutionary new graphical workflow designer, streamlining every task. Stay seamlessly connected and productive on-the-go with our cutting-edge mobile application. An unparalleled experience awaits, reshaping collaboration and efficiency.
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It's the event of the quarter you've all been waiting for: the new version of Cooperlink! We remain faithful to our principles and we are proud to present this beautiful version to you.

Here we talk about issue management, workflow designer, mobile app and various improvements to workflows and reporting.

Take contact with your account or success manager for more information. Note: the availability of these features depends on your subscription. Some features may be subject to deferred deployment. In the Cooperlink app, please click on "Help > About" to have more information about the version you are currently using.

Support & academy

Academy (work in progress)

Step by step we are developing a Cooperlink Academy in which you will find user tutorials, expert videos, training documents and user testimonials.

IMPORTANT NOTE: despite the presence of the button on your application, the academy is subject to a gradual deployment. Thanks for your patience!

Portal for new project configuration & training requests

For pilot projects and full board customers, in order to better serve you and ensure better planning of your configuration and training requests, we have developed a new portal. Your requests are now collected directly in our internal management tool.

Save the URL now to your favourites:

Mobile app (iOS / Android)

A beta release of a brand new mobile application is available for a panel of users. Please contact your account manager or customer success manager to be part of the beta test.

For more information, please read our blog post Introducing the New Cooperlink Mobile App: Connect, Collaborate, Achieve!


openDMS framework

Buildwise (Belgian construction research center) and ADEB-VBA (association of Belgian general contractors) have developed a common reference framework for document naming that can be used in all projects, so that one does not have to adapt each time.

Cooperlink has implemented a configuration canvas for its hub to comply with the openDMS framework. For more information, please contact your Account Executive or Customer Success Manager.

Cooperlink and Buildwise have jointly organized a webinar on that topic which is available in replay - Click here to get access to replay.

All presentations and documentation from Buildwise is available here:

Issues management - Geolocate issue on plan and annotate

The new Issue feature lets you create a task and locate it on a document. A marker that you position indicates the task reference (number) and the status (color). Coopelink also allows you to link annotations to an issue to allow these comments to be associated with a specific request. The annotations are not saved on the document in the external EDM (Electronic Document Management) but they can be exported by downloading the document.

Compare plans/drawings or text documents (PDF)

Compare versions of plans/drawings or documents. Also compare two documents from Cooperlink, or a document from Cooperlink with a local document on your computer. Cooperlink offers two types of comparisons:

  • Text comparison (add, delete)
  • Graphical comparison (overlay / layer-on-layer)

New outflow rule - Auto for folders, manual for files

In practice we found that it was sometimes useful to automatically share folders while keeping the sharing of documents manual. Now, for workspaces configured in manual mode, it is possible to automatically share folders in accordance with access rights.

The functionality is available in the workspace settings, section "Inflow/Outflow rules ".


Workflow module has moved in menu

The arrival of new modules, and particularly the BIM functionalities which will arrive soon, require us to make some space in the menu. This is why the Workflow menu is now accessible from the Documents module.

Brand new workflow designer

Many of you were looking forward to it! You will now be able to easily create or modify your workflow templates. With its interface designed for quick and easy configuration, the workflow designer also offers a clear view of the approval sequence and its main parameters. The design is lovely, isn't it?

Access rights to workflow templates - Lets guests start workflow

Do you want to grant your partners access to the available workflow templates, and thus give them the possibility of starting approval requests themselves? Nothing's easier! From the workspace settings, Workflows section, define the access rights per workflow template.

Answer on behalf of

A partner is no longer part of the project, the client has sold the building, an emergency... Plenty of good reasons to allow you to close the task of a partner in an exceptional way. By replying "on behalf of", you can close the task. Attention, no question of skimping on traceability! The employee who has made use of this function will be clearly indicated.

Auto-closable workflow cards

The auto-closable task option allows you to automatically close the workflow task of one or more partner(s) on the deadline date. When you enable this function, the partner is informed that the task will be closed automatically. We recommend that the activation of this function is subject to an agreement between the parties.

New filter "contributor has not yet responded"

A new filter has been added to search for workflows for which specific contributors have not yet responded.

Bug correction when workflow is deleted

In previous versions when deleting a workflow, it could in some cases still be visible to partners. This bug has been fixed.


Allow multiple reports templates per workspace

If you need to create different reports, it is now possible to add multiple templates to the workspace.

Allow guests to extract reports

Give your partners 1-click access to report templates. To do this, you just need to share the model in the workspace (see previous screenshot).

Export tasks listing report at organization level

Create task list reports by workspace or for all your projects combined. The configuration of the global report is done in the general parameters of the application.

Audit report of used metadata and values in Excel

Would you like to have a complete overview of the fields and values configured in Cooperlink? From the workspace settings, More... section, download an audit report in Excel format with the workspace configuration.


Markup indicator for issues

In your task lists, a new indicator informs you when annotations are associated with a document (for issue type tasks only).



Simplify configuration of workspace

We have further improved the configuration of workspaces:

  • The sections are grouped and sorted in a logical order of configuration
  • It is now possible to create and edit cards directly from the workspace
  • A drawer allows you to display the list of metadata available for creating custom masks (code, extraction, ...)


Changes in navigation

Navigation in the main menu has been improved using drop-down menus to get you to the view you are interested in more quickly. In the homepage, the projects have been grouped in a separate view for a better screen layout.

Red-Plus button has moved

The RED-PLUS menu is gradually being replaced by a simpler and more intuitive NEW button.

Resize columns

Position your cursor over the junction between two resizable columns. A separator appears allowing you to resize the column.


Messages sent as notifications and not in the activity inbox anymore

Messages are now displayed in the notification center instead of the activity inbox. The notification center is intended to get your attention to discussions and messages. The activity inbox is intented to give you an overview of daily activity in your workspaces.

Notifications for business administrators

Business administrators are users that have full access to all the projects of the organisation. From now, they will be notified only from the projects where they are marked as explicit member.

API and technical improvements

Priority queue for guest documents requests

Our team has improved the performance of the API so that guests are not affected by heavy loaded servers. They will now have a priority when they request documents.

API Swagger Documentation

The open API of Cooperlink is documented on Swagger. For more information, please contact your account manager.

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Axel Palmaers, aged 42, is an accomplished entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in the field of digital transformation. Axel is the CEO and co-founder of Cooperlink, a digital hub that connects construction, infrastructure and industrial companies. Cooperlink's mission is to help companies exploit the full potential of their data and manage their projects. Axel has acquired deep expertise in project management, operational processes, technical document management and BIM building data modeling.

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