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Cooperlink Release Dec '23 - version 2023.3

Product releases
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January 24, 2024
The new 23.3 release has arrived! Roll up your sleeves because it might mess up your hair again.
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If we had told you that we had been unemployed for the last few months, would you have believed us? Obviously not, you know our annoying tendency to make new releases full of new features. We obviously don't change a winning team!

Here we talk about notifications, reporting and various improvements in terms of usability.

Take contact with your account or success manager for more information. Note: the availability of these features depends on your subscription. Some features may be subject to deferred deployment. In the Cooperlink app, please click on "Help > About" to have more information about the version you are currently using.


Title field on files and folders

You can now set a title to your files and folders, instead of just the file name. Cooperlink also allows you to extract the title from the file name.

Note: for existing projects using a metadata as title, please contact your Success Manager.

Copy file

You can now copy a file from a source folder to a destination folder, including the metadata. This feature also allow to copy file between two different documents libraries (eg. Sharepoint to Autodesk ACC).

Default revision number for documents detected from DMS

When a new document is detected on the DMS (eg. Sharepoint), Cooperlink assigns now a default revision number.

Reset metadata value on new revision

You can now identifiy metadata fields that have to be reset when a document revision is uploaded or detected on the DMS. If the field is mandatory, the emitter will have to specify a new value.


Online version of the Master Deliverable Register

Awaited by many users, here is finally the listing of documents submitted for approval in a version that can be consulted online without exporting the Excel report. The view gives you an overview of each contributor's individual responses as well as the relevant deadlines. You can also choose the columns you want to display.

Workflows with observations - New indicator and color

Until now you had green and red status to indicate the closing status of a document. Now when a comment has been written, when an attachment has been added or when an annotation has been made, the user's response is displayed in orange and the indicator indicates the presence of comments. A column indicating the presence of observations (warning icon) is also visible in the Master Deliverable Register.

Assign individual users to workflow roles

It is now possible to assign individuals to workflow roles, and no longer just organizations. Only the person assigned to this role will therefore receive the approval task and related notifications.

Start workflow with a full screen preview

When you start a workflow on a document, you now see a preview of the document. Also, the form has been divided into steps for the sake of clarity. Also you can start filling the form, navigating elsewhere in the application. Cooperlink workflow manager saves your work. You can come back later and complete the form.

Display previous answer in workflow

When you receive a task to review again a document, Cooperlink informs you about your previous answer.

Include PDF annotations in deliverables

You can now includes PDF annotations in the exported documents of the deliverables.

Option to have coversheet as the last page

When working with drawings, it is sometimes best to insert the cover page at the end of the document and not at the beginning. A new option is available in the workflow designer to allow you to make this choice.

Different approval period for the second and next workflow cycles / reviews

When using an approval workflow on a second revision of a document, it is sometimes required that the deadline for this new revision be shorter than the initial deadline. Cooperlink now allows you to configure a period for the first execution, and another period for subsequent executions.

Workspace owner can now abort workflow

As workspace onwer, you can now abort a workflow started by a partner.


Export information on document or on revision

When exporting workflow lists to excel, you can now use the actual values of the specific document revision that was used in the workflow, and not only the information on the document container.

Access workflow values in task list reports

When exporting a task list to excel, for workflow related tasks, you can now export properties of the subject document that relates the workflow.


Assign partners (contacts) on shared tasks

If contact details from partner users are shared in the workspace (it requires your disable GDPR setting in workspace settings), users can now assign shared tasks directly to the partner user instead of the entire partner organization.



We have revamped the e-mail notification you receive every day. It has been extended with additional and more verbous sections. Also users can configure their preferences in terms of content and frequency. To change the settings, click on your avatar and go to My Profile menu.

The new e-mail now contains :

  • information about new documents or new revisions
  • information about workflows and individual contributions
  • comments on documents

IMPORTANT NOTE : from now, tasks will only be notified by email when they are created, when they are close to deadline and 2 times after deadline. Overdued tasks are not reminded anymore (except in the case that other tasks trigger the notification).


We have improved some activities in the inbox. You are now better informed about :

  • the individual answers per workflow contributor (even if the workflow is not finished yet), including some indicators when they added some comments
  • the workflows that have been started, aborted or completed
  • comments. They are now grouped in a separate activity.

Also on request from the users, the workflows updates are notified to all the members from the organization and not the author only.


Automatic e-mail archiving / tagging

Define keywords in the project or workspace settings. When you read the e-mail, if its subject matches one of these keywords, the e-mail is automatically archived in the project / workspace. In order to config this new feature, go to the Workspace Settings, section Messages.

Track who has read an archived e-mail

Cooperlink now tracks and displays who has read an e-mail archived in the Messages > Correspondence module. Please note that this feature is available only for the internal collaborators.

Read / Unread status

If you have not yet read an email, either in your email box or in Cooperlink, it will appear as unread in the Messages > Correspondence module.


Workspace configuration assistant

Looking for an easy way to set up a Cooperlink workspace? Just ask Lee, your virtual assistant. From now on it tells you step by step which configuration actions to carry out. Best of all, it tells you which items you have configured. You can now see the progress of your configuration.

Add partners companies without inviting people

Cooperlink allows now to add partner companies and configure the workspace without explicitely inviting members on the workspace. This allows you to complete the configuration before you invite people.

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Axel Palmaers, aged 42, is an accomplished entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in the field of digital transformation. Axel is the CEO and co-founder of Cooperlink, a digital hub that connects construction, infrastructure and industrial companies. Cooperlink's mission is to help companies exploit the full potential of their data and manage their projects. Axel has acquired deep expertise in project management, operational processes, technical document management and BIM building data modeling.

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