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Cooperlink Product Release November 2021

Product releases
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November 9, 2021
Our team has gone to great lengths in recent months to bring you a new feature-rich version of Cooperlink. See it for yourself.
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Our team has gone to great lengths in recent months to bring you a new feature-rich version of Cooperlink. See it for yourself. Take contact with your account or success manager for more information.

Note: the availability of these features depends on your subscription. Some features may be subject to deferred deployment.


Network monitoring

We keep an eye on your on-premise installation at all times thanks to our incident detection system and the collection of alerts and error reports. You are thus assured of having a high availability system.

User mentions and notifications

Mention your colleagues and partners in your comments to get their attention via a notification. To do this, precede its name with the @ character (eg. @lee cooper, @acme corp). Available for comments on documents, tasks, workflows, correspondence, as well as for interactive notes.

Autodesk BIM360 / ACC connector

Cooperlink's connector catalog is enriched with Autodesk BIM360 / ACC. For more information, click here.

A new task section in the daily mail notification

In the daily email, you will now receive a summary of your project tasks, categorized according to whether they are new, close to due or heavily overdue.

Multi-select value list

In some situations, the types of fields used in document cards, tasks, and workflows require you to be able to select multiple values. This is the case, for example, for items in the specifications.


In the French-speaking and Dutch-speaking versions, some texts of the application were not translated. Now it's resolved!

Help center - User manual

Visit our brand new help center It is currently in French and will be translated soon:

  • Quick start guides
  • Presentation of Cooperlink and available features
  • User manual
  • Configuration manual (experts)
  • Site administration

Boost Documents

Download documents from activity Inbox

Directly from Inbox, select the documents of the day and download files as a ZIP. We have also adapted the display to allow you to better visualize the location of the file (folder)

Messages to teammates

Inform or solicit your colleagues and partners thanks to the messages function.

  • Would you like to inform them also by e-mail? Check the corresponding box.
  • Otherwise, they will be notified in their inbox, and your message will be in their summary mail on the day after if they haven't read it

Quick share/ Request for …

The external messages feature allows you to share any document like WeTransfer but with additional features. You directly share from your tools. Your visiting partners (who do not have access to Cooperlink) access a simplified portal. The tool offers you complete traceability as well as social network type functionalities (eg. I am interested button).

Locking on SMB file server

Cooperlink uses proprietary technology to detect files being edited on your file server. To avoid any conflict, your partners are informed that this document is locked for editing and they are prevented from uploading new file version.

Asynchronously add files in workspace

In previous versions of Cooperlink, when adding thousands of files to the workspace using the Project Navigator, it might take several minutes to display the documents. In the event of large quantities, a time-out type error message could appear. Now, files are added via a background job that informs you of the progress.

Improvement Autodesk Forge viewer

Improvements have been made to the Forge viewer:

  • Ability to use your own Autodesk account
  • Ability to enable / disable this third-party application per project
  • Background management of file conversion when first opened
  • Display DWG views

If you want to activate the Forge Viewer in your Cooperlink environment, please contact your account or customer success manager.

Download as ZIP

A feature particularly expected by users. Now you can select multiple files and / or directories to download them as a ZIP file, For security reasons, the ZIP file is limited to 2 GB.

Folder tree view

Display the folders of your project space or workspace through a tree view. The feature also supports moving files and directories by drag and drop.

Edit office document online + co-authoring

Edit your Word, Excel and Powerpoint files online alone or simultaneously with your colleagues and partners. This feature requires an Office 365 subscription.

Open/Edit document online (WebDAV)

Note :  to activate this feature, please contact your account or customer success manager.

Open and edit your Office files (Word, Excel) in your desktop tools directly from Cooperlink.

Navigate in the folders of your project spaces and workspaces, open and manage any file directly in Windows Explorer.

New documents from template

Create new blank documents on Cooperlink from pre-saved templates.

Download file with filename on choice

Customize the name of the downloaded documents as desired with the original name, metadata, document code and version date. This feature requires prior configuration.

Display status of sync manager

At the foot of the workspace window, you will now find an indication of the next execution of the synchronization job between the project space and the workspace.

Boost tasks

Add attachement when replying to a ticket

Insert a file or image in a reply to a ticket.

Metadata on ticket + Confirmation email

Project task metadata can now be filled in a ticket.
You also can now choose if you want to send an automatic confirmation email or not.

Work schedule

In project management, one make a distinction between deadline (when task should be closed in the eye of the accountable = planning) and work schedule (when task should be executed = work). In a task object, Cooperlink now proposes an additional Work section in tasks. This represents the schedule of the effective work to be done.

In the calendar view, planning and work are represented by:

  • Planning: blue color, visible as a whole day task
  • Work: green color, visible as an effective calendar item with start & end date/time

Boost Emails

Outlook add-in

Identify your emails in Cooperlink, create tickets or apply automated stamps directly from Outlook. The plugin also gives you access to your Cooperlink tasks.

Continue to benefit from the power of Cooperlink and collective intelligence directly in Outlook. Any e-mail classified by one person is now classified for the whole organization!

Access correspondence from organisation

You can now access correspondance directly from the organisation (higher) level in the application. Use filters to identify the searched correspondence across projects.

Stamps – Edit destination folder and filename

When stamping document, edit file name and destination folder on purpose.


Mutual locking for joint ventures

A world first for collaboration between companies, empowered by Cooperlink!

In a business association, for each company integrated into the Cooperlink network, document lock detection is propagated throughout the network. This means that when a user is editing a document in their own environment, remote users are prevented from simultaneously editing a file to avoid any conflict.

Alternatively users can resort to the co-authoring feature (see above).


Calendar view

View tasks and deadlines in a monthly, weekly, or daily calendar.

Deadline on the fly

Next to the default deadline configured in the workflow template, adapt the workflow delay on the fly. This feature allows you, for example, to shorten the approval time during a second iteration of the workflow.

Calendar days

You can define the response delay for the workflow in working days or in calendar days.

Company holidays

Encode your company's holidays to take them into account when calculating approval delays.

Filter workflow list per project

With the growing number of projects and workflow models, many of you ask us to filter workflows by project. Now it is done. In addition, you can now easily identify the previously executed workflow (highlighted in bold in the list).

Comment indicator in compact view

Easily identify workflows that are the subject of informal comments.

Export Deliverables / As-Built with custom structure & listings

Export your deliverables by creating your personalized structure and listing. The export deliverable feature can provide the set of documents selected by means of filters, as well as reports / listings.

Insert TOC for merged PDF documents

Create merged documents including the cover sheet, the source document, and any attachments. A summary page inserted in the PDF output lists the documents and their number of pages.

Custom name for workflows

Give your workflows a personalized name based on filename, metadata, document code and/or version index.

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Axel Palmaers, aged 42, is an accomplished entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in the field of digital transformation. Axel is the CEO and co-founder of Cooperlink, a digital hub that connects construction, infrastructure and industrial companies. Cooperlink's mission is to help companies exploit the full potential of their data and manage their projects. Axel has acquired deep expertise in project management, operational processes, technical document management and BIM building data modeling.

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