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Bricsys 24/7 Integration with Microsoft SharePoint / Teams - Microsoft Office 365

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February 25, 2022
Cooperlink CONNECT helps you to connect Bricsys 24/7 with Microsoft SharePoint / Teams. Archive your data in Microsoft SharePoint without manual downloads and always find the latest version. Give your partners the opportunity to do so as well.

Cooperlink CONNECT enables a real time two ways integration between Bricsys 24/7 and Microsoft SharePoint.

As a Bricsys user, have you ever experienced not having access to thelatest version of a plan or product sheet? To have the most recent informationon Bricsys, a user must deposit it manually. And this is precisely where itgets stuck.

Why does that matter?  

Forget the upload & downloads: These manual operations are replacedby an automated process.As soon as a document on Sharepoint has a predefined status, it is synchronizedwith Bricsys 24/7 or vice-versa.

  • Directly find the latest version. As an Bricsys 24/7 or SharePoint user, you are sure to find and use the version that matters. Avoid the risk of working based on an outdated version and stop losing time validating which version is the good one across different systems.
  • The Sharepoint and Bricsys 24/7 platforms are complementary. Sharepoint is used for internal collaboration and durable storage of documents. Bricsys 24/7 instead allows collaboration with partners around a construction project. The latter is business-oriented but intended to be a temporary storage space, that is to say for the duration of the project. Connecting the two systems together reduces friction and the risks of error.
  • Protect your data. Having the data stored in one sustainable storage is the way to meet security compliance and protect your organization against data lost (
  • Offer the possibility to your partners to also have the data in their own Sharepoint environment. They will benefit just like you from the advantages of integration: automation, fewer errors, etc.


Why Cooperlink as link between Bricsys 24/7 and Sharepoint?

Integration between commercial platforms can also be done via custom developments. So why using Cooperlink ?  

The challenges with custom development are the complexity and the maintenance. Let me explain :

  • Integration works are complex and long to develop. Manipulate data across systems can be tricky (eg how do you detect that a file has been moved or renamed) and connecting to different systems means learning new API's.
  • API of commercial products tend to change quite often.
  • Monitoring needed: Systems and a team need to be foreseen.  

 Therefore, we offer another way:

  • We take care of the initial implementation and later upgrades whenever a new version of the APIs is released.
  • We take care of the monitoring. If a file has not been correctly synchronized, we will manage and solve the incident.
  • Costs are predictive.

 In short, all-in and available within days instead of months.

About Axel Palmaers

Axel Palmaers, aged 42, is an accomplished entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in the field of digital transformation. Axel is the CEO and co-founder of Cooperlink, a digital hub that connects construction, infrastructure and industrial companies. Cooperlink's mission is to help companies exploit the full potential of their data and manage their projects. Axel has acquired deep expertise in project management, operational processes, technical document management and BIM building data modeling.

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Axel Palmaers

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