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Telework with a file server on your company network

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April 13, 2021
As an integrated and unified platform, Cooperlink allows you to manage online all your project documentation stored on your servers in securely.

We had been in doubt for a few weeks, but this time, it is very real, 2020 will have been marked by a complete shutdown of several countries in order to stop the spread of Covid-19. It is not only a health crisis which is very present, but also an economic crisis which looms.

So thousands of companies have chosen to use telework for several weeks. We have been talking about the digitalization of companies for a few years now. It is this same digitization that makes it so easy for companies to choose to telecommute, of course when the business allows it.

How do I access my documents from my server?

But not all companies are necessarily able to allow teleworking because the data is still very often stored internally on a file server, and it is therefore difficult to access.

As an integrated and unified platform, Cooperlink can allow you to securely manage all of your project documentation stored on your server from a simple and user-friendly web application.

Wherever you are, view, add, move and edit your documents in a secure way.

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