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Report on the Digital Construction Day

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October 28, 2021
All the thinking heads of the construction sector came together this Wednesday, October 27, 2021 for a unique event, the Digital Construction Day. Tristan Herrezeel from BPC highlighted the difficulties encountered on site in terms of management of technical data sheets and creation of As-Built file.
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All the thinking heads of the construction sector came together this Wednesday, October 27, 2021 for a unique event, the Digital Construction Day.

Enriched by the experience of 2019, with a long break in 2020 due to covid, the BBRI and ADEB-VBA have intelligently developed a new formula of the digital event for the sector, smaller but so much more relevant.

The particularity of this event? A combination of real cases presented by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. No less than 250 people were able to attend the presentation of fabulous projects mixing know-how and digital for better productivity.

After an introduction by the CSTC-WTCB and Willemen, we will retain the interventions of ARTES on the implementation of the ZEN product to facilitate paperless collaboration with subcontractors on site, as well as the use of the BIM printer to print plans on site, visible from the crane for better performance.

THOMAS & PIRON also made us re-discover this well-known player in the market, Lestbuild, as well as the latest innovation in terms of quantity extraction signed by Kabandy.

MBG (CFE group) brilliantly took BIM with a very pragmatic vision of data extraction on 2D plans. Finally, BPC (CFE group) was able to show the ease with which it was able to solve its productivity problems in terms of management of technical sheets and as-built files through our Cooperlink solution.

These presentations were interspersed with networking moments that were particularly rich in discussion, allowing partners to present the solutions used in more detail.

The BRRC-OCW-CRR (Belgian Road Research Center) highlighted the needs of their segment to improve global communication between actors. The implications and the risks are numerous. This is why a general reflection is being carried out by this research center.

Many other speakers then presented their innovations, particularly in terms of robotic deployment (ADEB-VBA), digital twin (BAM Contractors), scans of papers between the office and the site through the Smooth solution (Besix) or implementation of an ERP project by the company Nonet.

Thanks to DETHIER and FRANKI Construct, we were also able to understand the complexity but also the growing interest (and the benefits) of drone measurement techniques, by camera images (via artificial intelligence). STRABAG highlighted the GenieVision product which allows, via augmented reality, snagging on site and a visual check between the model and the as-built. Finally, BAM Interbuild closed the presentation with real management dashboards linked to model information via BIM360 and Power BI.

We can not only appreciate the excellent work carried out by the BBRI and ADEB-VBA for having been able to consolidate a relevant panel of pragmatic solutions, used in real conditions and which bring real benefits for the entrepreneur. Because digital is really a decision-making and execution support tool.

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Axel Palmaers, aged 42, is an accomplished entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in the field of digital transformation. Axel is the CEO and co-founder of Cooperlink, a digital hub that connects construction, infrastructure and industrial companies. Cooperlink's mission is to help companies exploit the full potential of their data and manage their projects. Axel has acquired deep expertise in project management, operational processes, technical document management and BIM building data modeling.

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