Testimonial interview
Integrations Letsbuild, Sharepoint, BIM360, Bricsys, ...

Our guest, Rudy Scherer from Eiffage Benelux, will explain to us how he leveraged his existing tools for better archiving construction data.

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Automatisation As-Built

Notre invité, Tristan Herrezeel de la société BPC, va nous expliquer comme il a tiré parti de ses outils existants pour une meilleure efficacité sur chantier.

Ixelles Swimming Pool
Public facility
Execution phase

Connect contractor, site and customer's tools together


Construction players must ensure the traceability, sustainability and easy access to the history of the information they produce internally and they exchange with partners.

Email, the sole denominator between companies, is a serious showstopper for coordination and archiving. Cloud platforms are not an answer either: the range of tools that partners impose is significant, which translates on the long run into change management, continuous training needs and inexploitable resources for the company.

The need to set up a structured and coherent digital office for an entire organization therefore comes up against many obstacles.

To achieve its standardization objectives, Eiffage has chosen the option of integration.

Eiffage notably uses Cooperlink on the Ixelles swimming pool project. This project carried out on behalf of Beliris is a fine example of Eiffage's digital office. All plans and technical sheets are available and filed at any time internally on Efficy, on site through Letsbuild, and at the customer's on its Sharepoint interface.

General contractor

Rudy Scherer
Chief Digital & Innovation Officer
Eiffage Benelux

Eiffage has chosen to provide its collaborators with a uniform digital workspace and to interface it with those of its partners. We use therefore Cooperlink to ensure inteoperability, ie. let our tools & those of our partners talk to each other.

From day 1, our support teams and our sites have now direct access to the latest up-to-date plans whatever tools they use for their roles. When an issue is observed on site, they immediately have all the necessary information to geolocate and classify it in real time.

Key figures

The number of times the information is encoded
3 tools
The number of tools that are integrated into the referred project.
30 min.
The time needed between request and effective integration
2 years
The time since when Cooperlink is used at Eiffage
Cooperlink is like the power steering of a vehicle. Our employees are not necessarily aware of this. But as soon as we have to deactivate it for maintenance, they realize that they can't live without it.


Cooperlink acts as the man in the middle of everyone who takes the data on one side and makes sure to transmit it on the other, automatically, without error and according to a structure with which everyone is used to to work. It relieves the project managers, foremen and support team of tedious tasks and allows them to concentrate on their value-added tasks.

Eiffage's document management tool is:

  • synchronized in real time with site management tools (Letsbuild)
  • linked to the client's tools (eg. Sharepoint), according to pre-established rules

Testimonial interview
Digital Coherent Office

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In the past, Eiffage experienced non-integrated tools which led to their decline in the company and they were abandoned by employees. By implementing Cooperlink's technology, Eiffage consolidates its digital office and fulfills its ISO obligations.

  • The data is mastered in a structure specific to the company
  • The data is available, but above all reliable and of high quality
  • Control of the work by the conductors is facilitated. It makes it possible to lift the veil on information that was previously lost
  • Approvals are ensured to be transmitted to the customer without delay

Eiffage chose to work with the Cooperlink solution for several reasons:

  • Even if it represents more investment at the start, the total cost (TCO) is quickly amortized on the volume of projects and the speed of implementation
  • Working with an actor who masters the sector is a quality assurance

Key features

2-way synchronization
Real-time two-way integration and synchronization
Extranet Service Bus
Secure interconnection hub between internal tools and partner tools
Custom Data workflows
Process including the actions of project creation, detection, synchronization, ...
The data flows are established on the basis of a decision tree
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