Testimonial interview
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Our guest, Rudy Scherer from Eiffage Benelux, will explain to us how he leveraged his existing tools for better archiving construction data.

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Citydox Lot3
Housing and offices

Workflows & Automation As-Built


After having encoded around forty technical sheets at the start of the project and the observation of a real lack of efficiency, BPC chose to call on Cooperlink to help it optimize its processes. The ten people responsible for encoding the technical sheets, as well as the eight stakeholders (project owner, design offices, architect, etc.) met to reflect together on a new way of working, more functional and collaborative.

At the agenda: optimization and automation of the encoding and monitoring of technical sheets, and automation of the As-Built file.

Citydox Lot3 is a mixed project comprising 7,500m² of offices, 3,900m² of shops and 181 housing units. BPC is in charge of the construction and the surrounding area. Promoter Atenor. DDS + architect.

General contractor

Tristan Herrezeel
Project Engineer

We were about ten people to encode files for the Citydox project. It was common to encode the same data in six different places, resulting in data entry errors. We were also working under tight deadlines.

Now, my colleagues only encode the data only once! Cooperlink also makes it possible to keep an eye on and meet deadlines. It also facilitates fine supervision for both BPC and the customer.

Key figures

Partners, excluding subcontractors
Technical sheets, plans, and calculation notes submitted for approval
Emails that did not have to be sent and processed
Man-days saved for the creation of header pages


The setting up of Cooperlink made it possible to create and manage the 1,200 technical files very simply by making relevant use of collective intelligence:

  • The information was previously provided by the subcontractors and re-used in Cooperlink automatically.
  • Each manager and stakeholder now has the possibility of obtaining a summary view of the submittals in one click.
  • Everyone now has real-time access to the latest updated version of the document and everyone's comments.
  • Signatures and comments are included in a header page created on the fly and merged with the source document.


This automation made it possible to build the precious “as-built” file effortlessly and very quickly.

If before, it was necessary to repeatedly solicit and remind the various stakeholders to obtain the latest up-to-date versions, it is now possible to quickly generate and obtain the as-built file in due form.

Cooperlink finally made it possible to integrate and communicate between the different applications used within BPC.

Key features

File server integration
Real-time two-way integration with internal file server
Custom workflows
Approval circuits established according to the standards in force at BPC while responding to customer requests
Generated cover page
A personalized header page generated on the fly with signatures and comments at any time
Export As-Built
The as-built file is delivered in structured form to the customer without the need to manually process the source documents

Testimonial interview
As-Built automation

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