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New modules to your Cooperlink Hub

Faithful to its vision of offering an integrated application on your company's tools, Cooperlink extends its functional offering to allow you to streamline the number of tools used.

These features will be integrated into Cooperlink as new options to the current offering.
Until December 15, you can subscribe to these options for a preferential price

Issues and control on field

Issues management

  • Geolocated issues on 2D drawings
  • Geolocated issues on 3D models
  • Fied snagging

Control & inspection

  • Custom digital forms
  • Data capture & checks on field


  • Report of issues, control & inspections
  • Custom templates

Site meeting report

Mobile application

Building management (BIM)

BIM Model Management

  • Assemble BIM files from Sharepoint, Autodesk Construction Cloud, Fileserver, …
  • Web viewer (tree, filters, sections, …)
  • Federated views (multiple files)

BIM coordination

  • Smart views (coloring)
  • Tasks, issues and annotations (incl. BCF)

Operating as-built file


Make the as-built file from design or execution phase, without any extra effort. The concept of built assets aims for engineers, foremen, clients, ... to contribute to and enrich a ready-for-operations as-built file in a snap.

An asset is a digital representation of a built item / equipment capturing existing or planned documentation & information. 

This module also democratizes access to BIM projects for non-experts by creating smart links between the assets data and the 3D objects.

Examples of assets documentation & information:

  • Technical documents (datasheet, notices, ...)
  • Product references
  • Results of field inspections
  • Commissioning results / reports
  • Carbon information

Assets library

  • Templates of asset libraries with support to standard classifications (eg. uniclass, omniclass, bimids) and custom specifications

Assets documentation & information

  • Link assets to BIM objects (advanced criteria)
  • Custom information & documentation structure
  • Placeholders for upstream planning
  • Link data & documents (e.g. approved doc.)
  • Export IFC As-Built

Revit plugin

  • Properties mapping with Revit
  • Sync assets data with Revit
  • View assets data in Revit

Mobile application

  • Access / Edit data on the field
  • QR code for subcontractors
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Financial management

Financial progress

  • Cost items
  • Expenditure items
  • Breakdown by construction area
  • Breakdown by activity

Update progress from lean planning

  • Updating activities from the lean planning
  • Connector with Teamoty

Note: Cooperlink also aims to extend this feature to financial planning / forecast (under study)

Subcontractors / Buyers portal

  • Secured dataroom in link with your DMS
  • Documents deposit (login-free access, simplified sharing, screening area)
  • Simplified access to documents (eg. approved documents)

Advanced Electronic Signature (AES)

  • Signature workflow
  • Encryption

Corporate security


  • Log in with Office 365 account
  • Integration with Azure AD

Multi-factor authentication

  • 2FA with authentication app

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