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Don't change your habits
But say stop to useless procedures

Cooperlink facilitates the collaboration, coordination and administration of construction projects with partners, from design to handover. Repetitive data encoding is now a thing of the past. Effectively leverage your existing tools to collaborate with your partners

Work with partners in one tool

Face the multiplicity of tools. Always have your data up to date where it is used. Cooperlink Hub helps your to link your tools and those of your partners together. It includes:

  • Archive data automatically in your tools
  • Share data in the tools of your partners
  • Sync various tools together
  • Secured private network between companies
  • Many connectors (eg. fileserver, Sharepoint, Autodesk ACC, Aconex, Asite, Bricsys, ...)

Documents management

Drawing cabinet. Collaborative workspaces for documents sharing & control, on top of your corporate tools(1) or cloud. It includes:

  • Naming convention
  • Smart classification
  • Automatic versioning
  • Multi-criteria searches
  • Viewers & editors (PDF, Office, CAD, BIM)
  • Documents compare (drawing, text)
  • ISO19650, openDMS & GDPR support
  • Plug-and-play connectors(1)
  • Mobile application

(1) eg. Sharepoint, Fileserver, Autodesk ACC

Emails management

Automate your Outlook mailbox. Archive your emails easily in your projects and transform them into collaborative assets. It includes:

  • Automatic classification
  • Read/unread flags. Readers tracking
  • Record email & attachments on your tools(1)
  • Multi-criteria searches
  • Collaborative functions (eg. tasks, ...)
  • Outlook plugin

(1) eg. Sharepoint, Fileserver

Workflows for technical documents

Advanced workflows for approvals and signature of technical documents, drawings, financial progress etc. It includes:

  • Coversheet automatically generated
  • Digital annotations
  • Automatic reminders & overdue tracking
  • Online Master Documents Register (MDR)
  • ISO19650 support
  • No-code workflows designer
  • Mobile application

Reporting & As-Built deliverables

Create custom reports & deliverables from documents and workflows. It includes:

  • Creation of a tailor-made deliverable
  • Export to excel (custom templates)
  • Online Master Deliverables Register (MDR)
  • No-code reports & deliverables designer
  • Open API / PowerBI dashboards

Teams & drawings coordination

Coordinate teams, partners and drawings from one central location. It includes

  • Tasks with custom metadata & checklists
  • Various views (list, calendar, ...)
  • Documents compare (drawing / text)
  • Markups & issues tracking on drawings
  • Electronic signature
  • Mobile application

Quick share portal / Price requests

Easily share documents with clients or sub-contractors from cloud or corporate's tools. It includes:

  • Unique links without login
  • Read, open and download status tracking
  • Notifications via own mailbox
  • Let user mark interest

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