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Digital workplace


  • Standalone enterprise licence
  • A monthly subscription per internal user
  • Free web portal access for partners
  • Features based on standard packages
  • Including a volume of exchanges on the hub

We offer discounts for large teams!


Cooperlink or Preesm

  • Satelite licence
  • An adapted offer for the partners of your common projects willing to integrate their tools as well
  • Discounted price

Convert your Consortium offer into a standalone offer and benefit from our products for all your projects according to your needs

Frequently Asked Questions

Do my partners also have to subscribe?

No. Your partners can access the web portal free of charge and have access to all the features. On the other hand, if they wish to integrate their tools, create their own projects, centralize workspaces,… they can subscribe for standalone or satelite licences.

I would like to provide integration features to my partners for our common projects

The Consortium offer allows you to provide a Cooperlink license to your partners. This license will be granted to them for the projects you create. They will be allowed to integrate their own tools but they will not be able to use this license to create their own projects with their own partners.

What do you mean by internal user?

These are the appointed employees of your company. They are therefore not competing users.

However, your partners’ employees are not taken into account for the calculation of the price.

Can I subscribe to another offer at any time?

Indeed. The Preesm Digital Workplace is integrated in the Cooperlink Hub, which allows you to change the formula at any time

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