Preesm – Digital Workplace
for B2B projects & partnerships

Manage your B2B partnerships and projects more easily

Preesm offers a simple and intuitive workspace through a web, windows or mac interface to simplify your daily work.

It relies on your current document management tool, allows you to keep your habits, to access your documents anywhere and to share without duplicating information or sending unnecessary e-mails.

Your benefits


Less repetitive tasks, less emails and relevant information automatically archived in the right place.


User-friendly tool with all relevant information on hand, and reusing your existing tools.


Simple but effective project management through unified collaboration (classical and / or agile methodologies).

Fit for Business-grade Projects and Partnerships Management

Layered management

To facilitate your daily tasks, you manage your information globally. However, they are automatically structured and archived within a project and possibly a workspace.

API, web or desktop

Cooperlink is available through an API to deeply integrate your tool, or through the digital workplace Preesm. Preesm is available as a Web, Windows and Mac application.


Define and supervise your work processes such as document approval.


Cooperlink records incoming and outgoing flows to guarantee the traceability of your exchanges

User-friendly, with powerful and interactive features

Agile boards, Gantt charts, …

Collaborate effectively using fit-for-purpose boards, charts and dashboards.

Interactive PDF viewer

View, comment, highlight and annotate PDF documents.

Social features

Comment, link a task to a document, tag as important, mention a user, chat with your partners, …

Charter, agenda,…

Communicate the objectives of your meetings, announce the agenda of the day, define the important steps,…

Powered by Cooperlink Hub

Boost your tools and automate your partnerships

All the power of the Cooperlink Hub is available directly in your Preesm solution. Connect your daily tools and manage your documents, tasks,… directly in Preesm. With a single click, share and receive information from your partners automatically in your tools.

Cloud or on-premise

Choose your delivery type either public cloud, private cloud or on-premise.

Web and Desktop application

Preesm is delivered as a web and windows/mac application.

Optional portal for partners

If you partners choose not to integrate Cooperlink, they access the content through a web portal.




Benefit from the features of the hub integrated in Preesm. More info

Day-to-day toolbox

Preesm is provided with daily tools to simplify your work: inbox manager, activity feeds, search.

Virtual workspaces

Create workspaces with your team and partners to virtually share any type of content

Partners management

Manage your partners and their contact details.

Files & viewers

Manage files on your own storage  / Office 365 documents viewer  / PDF viewer

CAD / BIM Manager

View and manage your CAD and BIM documents.

Collaborative writing

Co-author on word/excel/powerpoint documents / Create interactives notes

Interactive tools

Highlights, comments, users and tasks mentions on PDF files, notes and documents


Manage several types of assignments: tasks, action items, checklists, tickets, bookmarks.

Agile boards & Gantt

Create and manage agile boards (kanban, scrum) and Gantt charts.

Workflows & user roles

Manage work processes between your company and your partners (e.g. document validation, …)

Channel messaging

Exchange instant messages with your partners.

Correspondance manager

Manage your e-mails and automate their classification and archiving.


Supervise exchanges between your team and your partners, projets and worflows status, …

Dashboard & charter

Create custom dashboards, charters and agenda for your projects and workspaces

Reporting & audit

Create business reports and audit log from your exchanges with your partners.


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