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A brand new website and a clearer product portfolio for Cooperlink

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September 21, 2021
We are delighted to inform you that our new website as well as our new presentation of our products are available online

We took the opportunity with the revamping of the website to reconsider our product portfolio allowing a more modular approach. In otherwords, you have the possibilty to use and only activate the functionalities that deliver most value to you.

Renamed and split now in 4 modules, our users can now choose among :

Boost Docs & Boost Emails: from your internal tools, we create a collaborative business-oriented platform, common for all stakeholders (joint venture, contractor, architect, owner or experts)

Empower: the free web application makes it easier for the invited guests to contribute and to speed up their decision-making. In order to avoid manual transfers and also guarantee data ownership, the guest (eg in a joint venture) can also plug its own environment to the Cooperlink network.

Deliver: it allows to eliminate costly and repetitive operations and improve the quality of the deliverables. Saving time with the management of the technical sheets, creating an as-built following the specific structure asked by your customer in one click are covered by the Deliver module.

Connect: with our wide range of connectors (BIM360, Bricsys, Sharepoint, File Server, … link) you‘ll never transfer again manually documents or data between Cooperlink and your internal tools or between 2 applications. Our standard connectors make sure that the transactions and updates are automatically performed accross your applications. 

Besides renaming and re-organizing our product offering, we have enriched the educational resources and created in-depth user guides. For your productivity, on top of providing quick answers to your questions, we will also offer you the information you need on-line.

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