Cooperlink – Hub-as-a-Service
Data automation

Automate your B2B partnerships and data exchanges

Do you collaborate or exchange information regularly with partners? Do you waste a lot of time processing these information exchanges manually?

Discover Cooperlink, a Hub offered as a service that allows each company in a common project to connect its tools and automate its information exchanges with its partners.

The Cooperlink Hub automates several types of content, such as :

Your benefits


Less manual tasks, less emails and relevant information automatically archived in the right place. Your company now focuses on value-added tasks.

Security & Reliability

Cooperlink doesn’t store your data in the cloud. Its architecture provides you a reliable hub to share and collect content.


Every company has chosen for specific tools, processes and documentary structures. Cooperlink respects everyone’s autonomy.

The B2B collaboration model reinvented

Cooperlink innovates by offering a Hub as a service that allows each company to connect its tool to a common network. Just as each company has its own Internet subscription, the Cooperlink model allows each company to subscribe to the Cooperlink Hub independently.

Hub-as-a-Service / One-stop shop

The common network (or hub) on which the various companies connect allows all companies to centralize all their information exchanges regardless of the tools used by their partners. They therefore have the most up-to-date information automatically in their own tools.

Don’t change anything… just collaborate!

To increase efficiency, Cooperlink allows you to collaborate while maintaining your autonomy. The information received is archived according to your criteria, document structure and BOMs. Make your relevant content available to your partners directly from your tools without duplicating it. Rearrange the document structure to simplify consultation by your partners.

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Performing, secure and reliable

Cooperlink offers a unique experience in the collaboration market. You access shared information like on a cloud platform but the content remains protected within your own tools.

Cooperlink guarantees the delivery of information to the various partners. Information exchanges are encrypted end-to-end and Cooperlink does not store any information in the cloud.

The multi-cloud option guarantees a high level of service availability.

How to get access to Cooperlink Hub?


Built-in connectors

Cooperlink proposes connectors for the most common softwares such as Office 365, Google for Business, Documentum, Alfresco, …


Open API

You have your software or you want to extend the functionality of the connectors, Cooperlink offers you an open API.


Preesm, digital workplace

You don’t have a digital solution to manage your projects and partnerships, Preesm is a simple web/desktop solution including Cooperlink.

iPaaS, on-premise or hybrid/multi-cloud

Select how Cooperlink Hub is delivered and integrated to your tools either on-premise or cloud

Set up in a minute

For on-premise installation, Cooperlink Hub is available as containers

Optional web portal for partners

If you partners choose not to integrate Cooperlink, they freely access the content through Preesm portal.


B2B application network

Cooperlink is a multi-tenant hub to connect the tools of different companies together

Virtual workspaces for content exchange

Create workspaces with your team and partners to virtually share any type of content

Integration with partners’ tools

Create bridges with your partners’ tools and automate your content exchanges

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Optional web application

Easily configure and manage your virtual workspaces through Preesm or through the open API

Connectors & API

Select built-in connectors or get access to our API for your custom software

End-to-end encryption

Your content is encrypted from your tool up to your partners

Flow versioning

Active the shadow storage to keep trace of exchanges

Guaranteed Delivery

Cooperlink Hub ensures your content is delivered to the right partner. In case of failure, your are automatically notified

Collaboration schemes

Easily define how you collaborate with your partners

Keep your documentary structure

The virtual workspaces allow you to re-organise the documents and folders independently from the structure in your tools


Get access to your files using https protocol webdav

Pseudonymisation (GDPR)

Collaborate with your partners under the name of your company

Use cases

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