Collaboration on BIM / CAD projects

Construction or engineering projects are multidisciplinary in nature. Companies therefore face significant needs in terms of data exchange and the use of a common data environment allows the different disciplines to better communicate and work in a more agile and efficient manner.

Application examples

Automation as-built map

PROBLEM. A general contractor has the contractual obligation to provide the as-built file at the end of the work. This requires a lot of time because it is necessary to gather all the exchanges of information and to retain only the key pieces to create an administrative file.

SOLUTION. By providing the necessary features for setting up document management and digital approval circuits, Cooperlink allows the entrepreneur to automate the production of the as-built dossier in real time. With Cooperlink, it’s almost 2 months of work earned

Single source of truth for PLM1

PROBLEM. The design of an engineering product is regularly carried out by multidisciplinary teams distributed among several subcontractors. This therefore requires electronic and centralized management of data and technical documents.

SOLUTION. Cooperlink allows partners to simplify their interactions and reduce their liability risks through a single source of data during the various product development phases.

(1) Product Lifecycle Management

BIM Collaboration

PROBLEM. For the construction of a building, it is necessary to call on specialized offices which are brought to collaborate. The volume of data exchanged is significant and the implementation of a structured process is essential to reduce delays and costs.

SOLUTION. As a Common Data Environment, Cooperlink allows all partners to have a centralized space for document management, incident management and change management.

Collaborative Network for BIM L2 and PLM

When you work on BIM Level 2 or PLM projects, you regularly exchange all or part of the models and other external references. Automate this process and automatically access contributions from your partners effortlessly.

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