Workflows & Process Automation

Process management is the foundation of any company. Often, unfortunately, companies neglect these aspects and the collaborators execute their tasks, out of habit, without real supervision or optimization. However, a good knowledge and optimization of the processes makes it possible to eliminate a large part of the manual workload.

Application examples

Multi-partner approval circuits

PROBLEM. Construction companies are dealing frequently with approval processes involving several partners (eg. plans, technical sheets, claims, …). The process is time consuming. Indeed, in the absence of automation, employees rarely have a centralized view and the processing of responses requires a lot of back and forth.

SOLUTION.Cooperlink automates multi-partner approval schemes and provides the tools to meet the most demanding requests.

RFx / Tenders / Consultations

PROBLEM. Conventional document sharing tools are not adapted to the needs of calls for tenders & consultations: unadapted access rights, non-existent recall procedures, absence of structured processes, … Tenders and consultations are time-consuming processes to achieve high return rate.

SOLUTION. Cooperlink enables company project managers to conduct and automate their tenders and consultations simply and securely.

ETL1 for Business Intelligence

PROBLEM. A logistics company is using different digital tools to manage its maintenance processes, some of them being manager by their suppliers and subcontractors. For supervision reason, the collaborators are manually collecting the data from the different sources.

SOLUTION. Thanks to Cooperlink, the data is now automatically extracted from the digital maintenance tools, processed and loaded into a data warehouse for business intelligence operations.

(1) Extract Transform Load

Simple but efficient

Capture value from your tools and your data sources to automate your business processes. Reduce the set-up time to a few minutes and rapidly enjoy the power of automation.

Designed for non-technical users

The Cooperlink automation engine has been designed to be able to be set up and used by ordinary users. Its very user-friendly interface allows everyone to define the platform according to the specific needs of each project.

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