A secured Network as-a-Service for your business integrations

Software that does not speak to each other is time wasted encoding the same information several times. It is also a risk of making mistakes, losing data and being held liable. When the data is stored on partners’ tools, the situation is even more complicated. Cooperlink Hub provides a powerful solution to connect different partners and tools together and automate their content exchange.

What matters to you the most?

Reduce volume of manual and/or repetitive tasks
Ensure your have access to the latest version of a document
Avoid duplicating content along several tools and storage locations
Guarantee content is delivered or archived in your tool at any time
Keep the data under the total control of your company

Create smart digital bridges with your business partners and tools to bring, efficiently and reliably, people and information together.

Application examples

Multi-partner secured integration network for collaborative projects

PROBLEM. When collaborating with partners, companies need to exchange large amounts of information. However, they each use different digital management tools (DMS, PM, CRM, ERP, …) and these do not speak to each other. Often exchanges are made by email or by cloud platforms not integrated with everyone’s tools, which makes collaboration ineffective.

SOLUTION. Thanks to its unique and innovative technology, Cooperlink allows different companies collaborating on a common project to automate their exchange of information from their tools. Thus the information is perfectly preserved. It is no longer necessary to spend time re-encoding.

Encode 1x – Data sync
DMS <-> Letsbuild/Aproplan

PROBLEM. A construction company is using a central document management systems in the office. For the site operations, the customer is also using Letsbuild/Aproplan to make the plans available on site and record remarks. Employees must create and encode the same project and the same information several times.

SOLUTION. By integrating the document management system and Letsbuild/Aproplan using Cooperlink, all information and projects are automatically created and synchronized in real time, without risk of error or loss of time.

Data migration
Fileserver -> O365 Sharepoint

PROBLEM. An engineering company currently working on regular fileserver has decided to move on O365 sharepoint environment. Due to the amount of data and large scale work, the IT department has decided to maintain the fileserver under operation and start migration smoothly, project by project.

SOLUTION. The migration process is performed smoothly by each project manager. For existing projects, Cooperlink allows a temporary hybrid environment where old data is stored on the fileserver and new data stored on sharepoint. The process is totally transparent for the end users as far he is using Cooperlink as a unified workplace.

Supported types of content

Documents & metadata

Tasks, planning and ressources


Instant messages

CAD / BIM designs

Database records

Effectively collaborate with your team and partners

Integrate your tools

Integrate your tools to the Cooperlink Hub using either connectors or API and start working with your partners in a very powerful way.


Cooperlink acts as a shield between your tools and the Internet. In addition, your shared content is encrypted up to the recipients.

Create virtual workspaces

The Cooperlink workspaces allow you to share any type of content. Define the rules of the workspace and start sharing.

How does my partner access this workspace? Either through a web portal, or directly in its tools if he chooses to integrate them.

Publish content

If  you want to share content with your partners, publish it in the right workspace. Cooperlink Hub will deliver it to the workspace members.

Fetch content

Get access to the content of your partners available in the workspace. Fetch it and store it automatically in your tools. As a result, you are guaranteed to always have the latest version.

Do my partners have access to my tools? No! Each partner is considered as an autonomous entity. Each partner can independently manage his security and access policies.

Outflow processing

Process data before they are published in the workspace.

Inflow processing

Process the data before collecting it from the workspace.


Trigger events based on workspace content, manage workflows, process a work-in-progress, …


The Cooperlink offers you the guarantee the content is correctly delivered to the workspace members. You get also notified in case of failure.

Monitor exchange flows

Thanks to Cooperlink you always have an eye on the flows that are exchanged between your team and your partners.

Control access

Each workspace is open for a limited number of authorized partners. You can control at any time who has access and what they can do.

Can I centrally monitor my exchanges? Yes, Cooperlink audits outgoing and incoming flows. You can therefore monitor them.

Fit for heterogeneous B2B ecosystems

Autonomous partners

Every partner of the common project autonomously manages his content, processes, security and access policies.


Cooperlink records incoming and outgoing flows to guarantee the traceability of your exchanges

Usage-based pricing

Pay only for what you need. Cooperlink reinvents the B2B collaboration model and proposes independent subscriptions for every partner.

Connectors and API

Depending on your needs and possibilities, we provide built-in connectors or API to connect your tools to the Cooperlink Hub.

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