B2B Projects & Partnerships management

A partnership starts when two or more partners have to collaborate on a common goal or a complementary process. As a complement to CRM, PM and ERP tools, Partner Relationship Management (PRM) focuses on the management of projects and processes with partners using different tools and processes.

Cooperlink is a simple and user-friendly solution suitable for non-technical users which significantly facilitates business partnerships

What matters to you the most?

Reduce the volume of e-mails, eliminate unecessary correspondence
Manage and supervise projects, workflows and content centrally
Ensure your have access to the latest version of a document
Have a real-time view on partners' work
Do not change work habits

Application examples

Secured virtual dataroom

PROBLEM. The company is frequently working with partners, customers or suppliers. He is looking for a secured multi-partner document management system with features like access right management, versioning, collaborative editing, …).

SOLUTION. In order to avoid uncontrolled file duplications and respect its partners’ requirements, the company has chosen Cooperlink to share content over a secured environment. The company has integrated its fileserver and sharepoint DMS.

B2B project management

PROBLEM. Frequently, project status updates where made by email exchanges. The company had to manually manage the tasks assigned to its partners and had to re-encode them several times in its project management software.

SOLUTION. Thanks to Cooperlink, the company automatically receives the latest information from its partners in real time and these are directly replicated in its management tools.

Collaborative email

PROBLEM. Email has become the bane of the 21st century. Anything can become a pretext for sending an email, replying or forwarding it and then whatever happens. It’s simple, it’s fast. But when it is used in structured processes, it becomes more complex. Lack of data structure prevents real collaboration.

SOLUTION. Leverage the power of Cooperlink to make email collaborative. Turn emails into action, assign them a status, archive them in one click in your projects. Often your colleagues and partners will do it for you!

Manage your partnerships without effort

Create a virtual workspace, invite your team members and partners

A workspace is a virtual room where you collaborate with your partner and easily exchange content. Different types of workspaces are available depending on your management needs (e.g. validation request before publishing content, work in progress procedures, …)

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Select content in your tool and re-organise it in the workspace

Connect your tool to Cooperlink and attach files, folders, tasks, … to  your virtual workspaces and publish them. Cooperlink will point to the original location rather than creating a duplicate.

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Your partners also share documents in the workspace

When your partners share documents in the workspace, they are automatically stored in your tool. For that purpose you first locate how and where the documents are collected.

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Create charts and boards to easily manage your project

Cooperlink provides advanced project management features specifically adapted to the needs of B2B collaboration. Share your tasks and boards, get notification updates and create a status report very easily

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Create reports, share minutes of meeting, …

You may ask...

Contact your partners, ask for clarification, kindly remind deadlines, …

These are all things you can do by sending an instant message directly to your partner

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Focus on value-add tasks and not on project administration. Cooperlink simplies your daily job and automates some part of it

Effectively collaborate with your team and partners

Share from your tools

Your documents are stored on your tool. You identify what you want to share and Cooperlink makes it available to your partners in a virtual workspace


Cooperlink acts as a shield between your tool and the Internet. In addition, your shared content is encrypted to the recipient

Without storing content in the cloud

This is one of the foundations of Cooperlink. Your content remains stored in your tools. You do not duplicate it manually. Cooperlink is in charge of its distribution.

How does my partner access this workspace? Either through a web portal, or directly in its tools if it chooses to integrate them

Create a document

Cooperlink integrates traditional desktop editors to allow you to create, edit and modify Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc. documents.

Place it in the workspace

Make this document available to your partners in the workspace. By using the online editors, they will be able to modify it with you in real time

Each one receives his copy in his tool

Thanks to Cooperlink, the document as saved is automatically archived in each partner’s tools. It is therefore no longer necessary to send it by e-mail. In addition, it remains accessible in the workspace

Do your partners send you URLs by e-mail? With Cooperlink workstations, this is no longer necessary.

Create and manage tasks and schedules

If you do not have a task management and planning tool, the Workplace Digital Preesm is completely autonomous. It allows you to create lists, Gantt charts, Kanban views,…

In the workspace, your partners collaborate on shared tasks

This way your partners will have access to shared tasks and will have an adapted tool for their management.

Follow the progress of your partners

The information is updated immediately. Monitor at any time the progress of your projects and the tasks of your partners

My partner can’t complete a task without my control! No worries, a validation mechanism is provided for this purpose.

Be informed that the content has been delivered

What could be more frustrating than an email or a document in the cloud that we don’t know if it has been read or downloaded. Thanks to Cooperlink, you are informed of this

Monitor exchange flows

Thanks to Cooperlink you always have an eye on the flows that are exchanged between your team and your partners. It is therefore no longer necessary to request to be placed in Cc of transmitted e-mails.

Control access

Each workspace is open for a limited number of authorized partners. You can control at any time who has access and what

Does Cooperlink protect privacy? Yes, Cooperlink implements a pseudonymization mechanism that allows you to anonymize your employees and make them appear as your company

Fit for Business-grade Project Management

Layered management

To facilitate your daily tasks, you manage your information globally. However, they are automatically structured and archived within a project and possibly a workspace.


Cooperlink records incoming and outgoing flows to guarantee the traceability of your exchanges


Define and supervise your work processes such as document approval.

API, web or desktop

Cooperlink is available through an API to deeply integrate your tool, or through the digital workplace Preesm. Preesm is available as a Web, Windows and Mac application.

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