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Collaborating with partners is a particularly time-consuming and costly operation. Often information is exchanged by e-mail, but it takes you time to process, sort and archive it. More and more companies are offering cloud platforms and portals. Unfortunately these are not integrated with your own tools and you continue to manually manage your information. You are faced with an explosion of tools to use and you have to manage several versions of the same information in several places.

What makes Cooperlink unique on the market

Automate your partnerships

Managing B2B collaboration is waste of time

Your daily life is the multiple portals and manual operations to publish or upload documents to your partners. Or the multiple versions of a document, and the to-do list in excel files to track the progress of your partners.

I want to be focused on my tasks

Cooperlink automates the exchange of information between the different partners in a common project. Each partner can integrate its own tools. Information is automatically routed, tracked and archived. At any time you have a clear and precise view of the status of your collaboration.

Keep your autonomy

B2B collaboration = heterogeneous ecosystem

Companies make their own choices in terms of tools, documentary structure, processes, etc. These choices are dictated by their own needs and are obviously different from those of their partners.

Cooperlink respects everyone’s autonomy

Cooperlink connect different partners together and respect their autonomy in terms of tools, processes and security. Every partner manage its own Cooperlink instance and application integrations. For example, files exchanged between two partners may have different names and be stored in a different document structure.

Respect your security policy

Sharing with partners is a risk of data breach

Your company has implemented a data security policy and has chosen an infrastructure and service providers to meet this policy.

Collaborating, exchanging and sharing information with partners necessarily involves exposing this information and processing it manually on other platforms.

Cooperlink creates encrypted data bridges

With Cooperlink, you can share your information securely. Data is not stored in a public cloud but remains secure in your tools. The transaction made to share this information is encrypted down to your partners’ tool. You have the guarantee that the information is delivered to the right partner in a fully automatic way.

Cooperlink is compatible with on-premise, cloud, hybrid and multi-cloud strategies.

Facilitate your supervision needs

While the number of channels explodes

The digital transformation of companies leads to an increase in the volume of data transferred. The size of the information increases but also its quantity. It is therefore necessary for all employees and managers to effectively supervise the exchange of information.

The multitude of communication channels makes this task complex. E-mail is a medium that requires a particularly manual management to ensure the follow-up of the information it contains.

Cooperlink unifies

As a unified workplace, Cooperlink centralizes your different channels and allows you to easily supervise all the information flows of your collaborative projects… just as easily!

Foster engagement

Replacing the work tool is complex

It is no secret that introducing new tools is a tedious process in a company. This often requires a change in mentality, a change in work procedures or simply to deal with the reluctance of some employees.

Cooperlink boosts your current tools

To make it easier for your employees and partners to join, Cooperlink allows everyone to connect their own tools while respecting their autonomy. Cooperlink also improves your current tools by offering a new and simpler experience of working with your partners.

The VPN or the postal service specialized in collaboration between business partners

B2B network / iPaaS

Connect your common projects on Cooperlink to automate the exchange of your information between your tools and your partners.

Tool-agnostic, cloud-free

Cooperlink stores data in your tools and not in a cloud

Two products

Cooperlink offers 2 products depending on your needs, the Hub-as-a-Service and the Digital Worksplace Preesm.

Autonomous partners

Cooperlink preserves the autonomy and the security of every partner

Cooperlink reinvents the business model of B2B collaboration and content exchanges

Usage-based model

Pay only for what you need. Cooperlink provides a flexible pricing.

Fit for heterogeneous B2B ecosystems

Every partner manages its Cooperlink instance, connects its own tools and controls access.

Integrate only once and expand your network

As far as your tools are connected on the Cooperlink Hub, you can connect with any partner.

Free web portal for partners

You partners do not have to integrate their tools. They freely access the Digital Workplace Preesm.

Tell us who you are, and we will tell what Cooperlink can do for you

B2B partnerships automation

Automate projects and content exchanges between your tools and those of your business partners

Digital workplace for B2B collaboration

Boost your current tools and simplify your B2B projects with our Partners Relationship Management (PRM) solution.

Digital Post Service

Deliver and collect content between your software and those of your customers’ partners.

One-stop-shop API

Integrate several applications to your software through a unique API to reduce your implementation time

Unified Workplace

Connect the many tools of the company and gather them within a powerful application.

Extranet service

Expand your software with powerful extranet features


Make use of the power of Cooperlink to connect several companies together in a second.

One-stop-shop API

Integrate several applications to your software through a unique API to reduce your implementation time

PRM solution

Partners Relationship Management, the complement to CRM, ERP and PM solutions.

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