B2B content logistics & automation

Cooperlink Hub provides a powerful solution to connect different partners together and automate their content exchange from their respective tools.

What matters to you the most?

Reduce volume of manual and/or repetitive tasks
Ensure your have access to the latest version of a document
Avoid duplicating content along several tools and storage locations
Guarantee content is delivered or archived in your tool at any time
Keep the data under the total control of your company

Increase efficiency and reliability. Create smart digital bridges with your business partners.


B2B projects
Case management




Bids / Tenders


Research (R&D)


Automate with ease your B2B content exchanges

Create a virtual workspace, invite your partners, team members and start working immediately

Cooperlink builds secure digital bridges between your tools and the hub to allow you to create virtual workspaces and connect with your partners. A workspace is a common virtual room where you collaborate with your partner and easily exchange content.

Free web portal for partners

Partners who are not willing to integrate their tools get access to a free web portal.

No data out of your control

Cooperlink bridges data and doesn’t store it. It remains secured in your tools.

You may ask...

Select content in your tool and publish it in the workspace

The content you publish in the workspace will be made available to your partners depending on the workspace’s rules. Cooperlink Hub will make sure the content is securely delivered to the right partner.

Content types

A workpace can manage any type of content such as documents, metadata, tasks, instant messages or database records.

You may ask...

Retrieve content published in the workspace

When your partners publish content in the workspace, Cooperlink notifies your tools and archive it in the right storage location.

You may ask...

The content in the workspace is available in the Digital Workspace Preesm

View, edit and manage workspace’s content using the Digital Workspace Preesm. For your partners, Preesm is freely available as a web portal.

You may ask...

Process the data, convert content format, …

Preesm allows you to process your data before publishing it to the workspace or when you receive them.

Supported types of content

Documents & metadata

Tasks, planning and ressources

Simple documents

Instant messages

CAO / BIM designs

Database records

Effectively collaborate with your team and partners

Integrate your tools

Integrate your tools to the Cooperlink Hub using either connectors or API and start working with your partners in a very powerful way.


Cooperlink acts as a shield between your tools and the Internet. In addition, your shared content is encrypted up to the recipients.

Create virtual workspaces

The Cooperlink workspaces allow you to share any type of content. Define the rules of the workspace and start sharing.

How does my partner access this workspace? Either through a web portal, or directly in its tools if he chooses to integrate them.

Publish content

If  you want to share content with your partners, publish it in the right workspace. Cooperlink Hub will deliver it to the workspace members.

Fetch content

Get access to the content of your partners available in the workspace. Fetch it and store it automatically in your tools. As a result, you are guaranteed to always have the latest version.

Do my partners have access to my tools? No! Each partner is considered as an autonomous entity. Each partner can independently manage his security and access policies.

Outflow processing

Process data before they are published in the workspace.

Inflow processing

Process the data before collecting it from the workspace.


Trigger events based on workspace content, manage workflows, process a work-in-progress, …


The Cooperlink offers you the guarantee the content is correctly delivered to the workspace members. You get also notified in case of failure.

Monitor exchange flows

Thanks to Cooperlink you always have an eye on the flows that are exchanged between your team and your partners.

Control access

Each workspace is open for a limited number of authorized partners. You can control at any time who has access and what they can do.

Can I centrally monitor my exchanges? Yes, Cooperlink audits outgoing and incoming flows. You can therefore monitor them.

Fit for heterogeneous B2B ecosystems

Autonomous partners

Every partner of the common project autonomously manages his content, processes, security and access policies.


Cooperlink records incoming and outgoing flows to guarantee the traceability of your exchanges

Usage-based pricing

Pay only for what you need. Cooperlink reinvents the B2B collaboration model and proposes independent subscriptions for every partner.

Connectors and API

Depending on your needs and possibilities, we provide built-in connectors or API to connect your tools to the Cooperlink Hub.

Are your looking for a project management software or a collaboration platform?

You may be interested to glance at our Digital Workplace Preesm which delivers web and desktop application for project and collaboration management.

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